Drawing on the Power of Jesus: Lessons from Revelation 6-14

Come Follow Me Lessons & Activities for Kids Lesson 51 | December 11-17 | Revelation 6-14

Break the code of Revelations with this week’s fun activities as you and your children come to know profound and precious gospel truths. These activities are sure to help your family understand the joy that all will feel in the day when the righteous “shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more” (Revelation 7:16). 

Lesson 51 is filled with entertaining ways to internalize the messages of Revelation. First, engage in conversations about the Restoration while coloring a captivating page inspired by Revelation 14:6-7. Then, explore the symbolism of purity and the Atonement through Revelation 7:9, 13-14. Finally, unravel the mysteries of Revelation 9:1-2 through a captivating code-breaking activity. 

At Come Follow Me FHE, we believe in saving time for parents, fostering a love for Christ and His gospel in children, and ensuring each lesson is a fun and engaging experience. Discover how this week’s activities embody these values as we delve into the heart of the Book of Revelation.

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Elementary Bundle Lessons & Activities​

The elementary bundle is perfect for captivating kids ages 4-11 at home or in primary! With six activities, there is plenty to use with your own children at home and your primary class at church. Check out three highlights below!

Restoration Revelations

Coloring Page [Color it]

Immerse your family in Revelation 14:6-7, exploring the restoration of the gospel. Bring the scriptures to life through our fun coloring page and by watching a video depicting the First Vision.

White as Snow

Go & Do Family Activity [Do it]

Read and discuss as a family Revelation 12:7-11. Discuss how we showed faith in Jesus Christ in the premortal life by following Jesus (use the Plan of Salvation Hunt) and how we continue to show faith in our lives today by following our prophet.

Cracking the Code

Scripture Study Activities [Study it]

Ponder the deeper meaning of the Book of Revelation. Using the materials provided with the lesson, let your children “Break The Code” for Revelations 9:1-2. After they have cracked the code, talk about what you learn from these verses.

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Toddler Bundle Lessons & Activities​

For kids ages 1-4 at home and in nursery or sunbeams. The toddler bundle Includes a full lesson plan with THREE activities that align with scripture written by an early childhood educator. These include a coloring page, another printable activity and a movement activity that help young children understand the scriptures. Here are a couple highlights from this week’s lesson.

Tiny Missionaries

Activity 1 Description: In Revelation 14:6-7, we learn about the gospel being preached worldwide. Equip your little ones with their own missionary tags using our printable templates. Encourage imaginative play as they become “Elder” or “Sister” for the day. Engage in discussions about missionaries’ roles, where they serve, and the people they teach.

I Lived in Heaven

Activity 2 Description: Help your toddlers understand the concept of premortal life through Revelation 12:7-11.  Read aloud Revelations 12:7-11 that teaches us about the premortal life. As you read, consider letting children (or yourself) act out the dragon (devil) and angels who fought. They can act out the devil being cast out (verse 9) and God showing His love to everyone by providing salvation through Christ. Finish the experience by learning the cherished song “I Lived in Heaven” with our printable song chart.

The toddler bundle includes a lesson plan and three activities every week. Grab the toddler bundle in our subscription.

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Teen Bundle Lessons & Activities​

The Teen Bundle comes packed with a study page, thoughtful questions, an applicable challenge, and an inspiring video by a seminary teacher. Elevate your teen’s scripture study experience!

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