Illuminating Revelation: Activities for Kids to Shine Christ’s Light

Come Follow Me Lessons & Activities for Kids Lesson 50 | December 4-10 | Revelation 1-5

As we dive into Lesson 50, exploring the revelations in Revelation 1-5, get ready for a week of discovery and enlightenment. The lesson’s activities will help your children be able to listen spiritually to the words of the apostle John, for “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith” (Revelation 2:17). Our carefully crafted activities are designed to make scripture study a spiritually-filled experience for both you and your little learners, fostering a love for Christ’s gospel. 

With these activities, children will grow their testimonies as they unravel the mysteries of Revelation and teach valuable lessons about letting Christ into their lives. Check out some highlights from this week’s Come Follow Me lesson below!

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Elementary Bundle Lessons & Activities​

The elementary bundle is perfect for captivating kids ages 4-11 at home or in primary! With six activities, there is plenty to use with your own children at home and your primary class at church. Check out three highlights below!

Christ’s Colorful Presence

Coloring Page [Color it]

Dive into Revelation 3:20 with your family and explore why Christ knocks, allowing us to choose to open the door to Him. Engage your little artists as they color the “I can choose to let Christ be a part of my life” coloring page. This vibrant activity reinforces the concept of actively inviting Christ into our lives.

Radiant Reflections

Hands-on Learning Activity [Create it]

Uncover the symbolism in Revelation 1:20 with your family. Discuss how the Church is compared to a candlestick and how we, too, can be lights in the world. Enhance the learning experience with a hands-on light experiment, leaving your children with a “I can reflect Christ’s light” sticker as a lasting reminder of their radiant potential.

Symbolic Puzzles

Scripture Study Activities [Study it]

Delve into the rich symbolism of scriptures by assembling Symbols in Scriptures puzzles with your children. Not only do they gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures, but they also receive a bookmark as a handy reference for future studies.

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Toddler Bundle Lessons & Activities​

For kids ages 1-4 at home and in nursery or sunbeams. The toddler bundle Includes a full lesson plan with THREE activities that align with scripture written by an early childhood educator. These include a coloring page, another printable activity and a movement activity that help young children understand the scriptures. Here are a couple highlights from this week’s lesson.

Radiant Wands of Light

Immerse your toddlers in the imagery of Revelation 1:20, comparing the church to a candlestick. Create “Shine Wands” with your little ones, teaching them that, like the candlestick, they can shine the Savior’s light. Sing “I Am Like a Star” together, waving your wands high as you discuss ways to share Jesus’ light with others.

Sticker Scenes of Revelation

Prepare for an artistic adventure as your toddlers engage with Revelations 5:1-10 through sticker scenes. As they place stickers in the background scene, share the powerful message that Jesus, our Savior, suffered for us. Hang up their creations as a reminder of His profound love.

The toddler bundle includes a lesson plan and three activities every week. Grab the toddler bundle in our subscription.

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Teen Bundle Lessons & Activities​

The Teen Bundle comes packed with a study page, thoughtful questions, an applicable challenge, and an inspiring video by a seminary teacher. Elevate your teen’s scripture study experience!

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