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Our Come Follow Me FHE family believes in…

  • Bringing children to Christ through consistent study at home or in primary.
  • That learning the scriptures does not have to be boring! It can be age appropriate, engaging and fun!
  • A parents ability to be an inspired teacher for their own children. You can teach, even if you are not the “teacher type” and we can help!
  • Gathering! Gathering your family to learn of Christ, your primary class to feel the spirit or your neighbors for family night.

The gathering of Israel is the most important thing taking place on the earth today. Nothing else compares in magnitude, nothing else compares in importance, nothing else compares in majesty.President Russell M. NelsonWorldwide Youth Devotional · June 3, 2018

We know that every family is different. Ages of your children, individual needs and developmental levels will vary. That is why we now offer ONE value packed Come Follow Me Subscription for just $10 a month. Come Follow Me FHE is the Costco of CFM resources for kids! Get it all here, your kids will grow with our subscription! There is something for everyone!

Weekly Come Follow Me Lessons! Made by teachers, loved by families, primary teachers, and youth Sunday school leaders.


Every week you will get digital access to…

  1. Toddler Bundle: Includes a full lesson plan with THREE activities that align with scripture written by an early childhood educator. These include a coloring page, another printable activity and a movement activity that help young children understand the scriptures. Recommended for ages 2-5 year olds, nursery and sunbeam teachers.
  2. Elementary Bundle: Includes a full lesson plan with SIX activities that align with scriptures written by an elementary educator. These include a coloring page, Go & Do Family Activity something for doers/kinesthetic learners, Hand on Learning Activity something for creators, Media Page something for those visual and auditory learners, Scripture Study Activity something to help you dig deep for those readers, and a surprise bonus EVERY WEEK!
  3. Teen Bundle: Includes a study page with four thoughtful questions each week that align with a scripture from Come Follow Me. An applicable challenge to accept each week. An awesome video done by a current seminary teacher that brings a topic from the study to life for teens. Plus, a scripture print to hang on their bathroom mirror, in their locker, etc. for each week.
  4. Primary Bundle: A Primary lesson plan for each week that aligns with Come Follow Me specifically written by teachers for Primary teachers to use on Sundays. The lessons are aimed to be done in 20-25 minutes and have written accommodations for various ages. They also come with a weekly handout to do in class and printable tag with a take home item suggestion.
  5. Merry Mail: Also included for 2022 is a monthly Merry Mail! A bonus item each month! An extra resource you can use at home, for your church bag, for primary class, road trips, PTA and more! Something an LDS parent would love!

* Looking for the Digital + Workbook Subscription option? Access all files above digitally, plus get a Workbook featuring the Toddler & Elementary Bundles delivered straight to your door. Sign up for the workbook subscription here.

How to access my subscription?

Upon signing up you will receive a welcome email. Follow those instructions to set up your account. After that simply visit our website weekly to access your materials. Do this by hitting log in at the top left corner then going to your downloads and printing what materials you want to use that week for home centered learning or your calling.

Extra Perks

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