Come, Follow Me Lessons & Activities | Physical Workbook Subscription

From $12.20 on the 5th of each month

Re-introducing the new & improved gospel teaching gem: the Come, Follow Me Lesson and Activities Monthly Workbook. Delivered straight to your door every month, this resource will help you teach your kids with confidence, all while making Come, Follow Me fun and engaging. Parents will love the easy-to-follow lesson plans and kids will be thrilled to get their hands on the coloring pages and activities. If you struggle to hold consistent Come, Follow Me and scripture study with your children, this is for you!

Delivered to your door, this monthly workbook includes:

  • 4 lesson plans for toddlers (one for each week of the month)
  • 12 activities for toddlers (three for every week of the month)
  • 4 lesson plans for elementary-age kids (one for each week of the month)
  • 24 activities (six for each week of the month)
  • Printed in black & white, this workbook is ready to write in, color in, and cut up.

Digital Access Included:

  • All toddler and elementary bundle materials (ideal for those who prefer to print some pages in color).
  • Our delightful Merry Mail.
  • A treasure trove of bonus materials.

More than one child? Save on multiple copies.

If you would prefer not to make extra copies for additional children in your family, we recommend subscribing to two or more monthly workbooks. This will save you time and ensure each child can join the family on the same page and begin your lesson right away. No photocopies and no extra ink.

To make this easier for you, we’ve provided special pricing when you purchase two or more copies. For example, when you subscribe to two copies each month, you’ll pay $34 total. That’s only $9 more for the additional workbook!

See our pricing table below for savings on additional copies.

Our goal is to make Come, Follow Me simple and successful in your home!

How it Works

This product is a monthly recurring subscription and is delivered right to your door. All charges occur on the 5th of each month. If, for example, you sign up on December 15th, you won’t be charged until the 5th of January and will receive the February workbook. Signups after January 5th won’t be charged until February 5th and will receive the March workbook.

Cancel any time by the 4th and you won’t be charged on the 5th. Cancelations and changes to your subscription can be made by logging in to your account here.

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