November 30 – December 6 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids: To Keep Them In The Right Way

This weeks Come Follow Me lesson is focused on the sacrament. Let everyone think of their favorite story of Christ. Talk about how during the sacrament we are supposed to focus on Jesus and we can think of the stories you just discussed.

Use the Sacrament Reflection Page and let everyone write or draw how they remember Jesus Christ during the sacrament.

Play the Sacrament Board Game to discuss more things you can do during the sacrament.

Partaking of the sacrament is one reason we go to church but Moroni taught us other reason why we go to church. Read Moroni 6:4-9. Use the “Reese’s” why we go to church activity. Finish the lesson by sharing your testimony of partaking of the sacrament and how going to church has benefited your life.

Moroni taught us the correct way to administer ordinances. Use the Ordinance bubbles to learn about each one.

Read Moroni 2 and 6:4 to learn about spiritual gifts. Complete the activity described on your summary sheet and color the Gifts Coloring Page.

See your lesson summary page and materials for more activities and QR codes to videos that go along with what we are learning about this week!

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Enjoy this Come Follow Me Lesson!

Come Follow Me FHE Team 

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