5 Sacrament Bag Essentials When you Head Back to Church!

Since March our church meetings have been closed. Each family has been holding church at home. It has been a fabulous experience for my family personally. We have grown together and the spirit has been present in our home in more abundance.

Now it is time to slowly head back! Let’s get our sacrament bags ready to go! Scroll down for our 5 Sacrament bag essentials!

  1. File Folder Games are an awesome way to keep those little hands busy during sacrament. We have a New Testament set, an LDS set and a Book of Mormon set of file folder games. These are classic and all tie to gospel principles or scripture stories! Simply print, cut out the pieces, laminate (we take ours to Staples or similar office supply stores), add velcro dots, magnets or tape and you are on your way to the happiest sacrament meeting with kids ever! We keep ours all together in this sleek snap close case that fits 8 file folder games perfectly.

2. My Gospel ABC Dry Erase Book is a must have for your Sacrament bag! Especially if you have a preschooler or kindergartner! This dry erase booklet will aide them in learning how to form their letters appropriately. Trust me, this comes for a former preschool and kindergarten teacher PLUS it teaches kids gospel words which will increase vocabulary. Just print, laminate and add a binder ring for the perfect book!

3. Our ABC Quiet Book for kids has simple images along with scriptures on each page. I printed the pages through an online photo shop, they shipped the 4×6 pictures to my door and I grabbed a photobook. I quickly slid the pictures into the album and put it in my daughters church bag. This one is great for thinking of Jesus during the sacrament. Also a wonderful gift for your ministering families if you print a couple and order a three pack of photo albums like I did.

4. For my kids who are older than eight they are striving to learn their articles of faith. They do this as part of their youth goals for the church program. Our Article of Faith posters and coloring pages are the perfect way to help them memorize these and keep them quiet at church too. Win, win!

5. Last but not least, these watercolor pens have quickly become our favorite way to color. They are no mess, act like a paint brush (but aren’t) and they glide well across a page. You have got to try them! We are on our third set because my kids use them so much. Toss them in your sacrament bag and pair them with a good color by number and you’ll be set!

As we head back to church and life still feel unsettling at times I wanted to remind you what Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Keep trying, keep believeing, be happy, don’t get discouraged. Things will work out.”

Best of luck to you!

Come Follow Me FHE Team 

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