September 23 – September 29 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, Walk in the Spirit

The scriptures to study for week 38, “Walk in the Spirit,” includes the whole book of Galatians. 

The main lesson this week includes a scene of Galatians with figurines of Paul, Titus, and Barnibus to color (we attached our background scene to a file folder to help it stand). “Chains of bondage” made out of a paper chain to teach about the freedom the gospel brings. A cute crown that says “Christ liveth in me.” You can decorate these crowns with any craft supplies you have on hand (glitter, sequins, beads, stickers, etc). Fruit in a basket to discuss the fruits of the spirit.

Other materials include a scripture print from 1 Nephi 19:23 to display and a Mystery Scripture Story. Do your kids love trying to find the small words with a magnifying glass? Here is a link to the magnifying glasses I got for my kids. 

We are excited to announce that you can now purchase a Come Follow Me FHE gift card to give to someone else who could benefit from our lessons. The gift cards can be applied to the initial payment of a membership or anything else in our shop! With the holidays just around the corner this could be a great gift to share how Come Follow Me FHE has been life changing for your family. 

We have a new hashtag! Use #cfmfhefam when you post a picture of your family using our materials. You can search the hashtag to see how others are using our lesson bundles as well. Let’s help each other out by encouraging each other and sharing ideas.

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