July 29- August 4 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, A Minister and a Witness

“When we are on the Lord’s errand, we are entitled to the Lord’s help” President Monson promised. (Ensign 2008) In the New Testament we learn that the road will not be smooth, easy, and full of endless success. Evidence of this truth is everywhere is our bible study lately, especially this week as we read more about the apostle Paul. It’s got me thinking, if Paul can suffer all of these trials in an effort to share the gospel how can I give a little more or try more diligently to share the gospel in my life?

This week we have two really fun engaging games to help teach some main principles in the lesson. Be sure to read on your summary sheet exactly how to use these in your home. The summary sheet is a lesson plan that in included each week in your lesson with a membership.

The traffic signs are a great way to share personal experiences. Hang them around your home, use 3×5 cards, and answer the questions below the signs. Making real world connections is such a huge part of our children really learning how the gospel can bless their life!

The second game is called Treat in a Cup! Your kids are going to be so excited about this! It’s all about missionary work, again in our daily lives. We are all about making things applicable.

You will need individually wrapped treats and cups for this game. I used clear cups but you could definitely use anything you have on hand. It may be more fun to use colored cups that they can’t see into. 

The story of the shipwreck in Acts 27 can be told as your children piece together this “wrecked ship” puzzle. Then doing our coloring page this week that simply states “Fear Not” can give our kids a great message for life.

You can laminate your puzzle, treat in cup game rounds, and anything else you’d like in your materials so they last longer. I know we love to reuse our lessons when we feel the need arises in our home.

Did you know that we send dozens of downloads each week? YUP! This is so you can pick and choose what materials you’d like to use in your home. You can do one activity every night or have enough for an hour long lesson once a week (plus some) or if you teach primary there is something for every age. We get so many messages from parents about what a good fit our materials are and how they really do help the children remember the lessons and apply them to their own lives. There is so much value here. Just a few more pictures below of what comes this week. 

A song flip chart for the beautiful song I Will Be What I Believe. 

A testimony printable for kiddos to fill out. They can write or draw what they know to be true.

This happy little print comes in color and black and white. What a great reminder to display in your home for this week or forever!

Need more help and support? See Instagram for more details! I go live every Tuesday and save it to IGTV where you can watch a video of me talking all about our lesson. Plus, I give teaching tips to help you get your kids involved in the best ways!

Last week we sent out these cute scripture charts. If you missed them  they are in your downloads if you have a membership or they are available in our shop for purchase if you don’t have a membership. 

Enjoy your week together! Summer is fading fast so we hope you are getting in lots of extra quality time in the sun.



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