August 5-11 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, The Power of God unto Salvation

This may be the BEST WEEK EVER! I think I say that nearly every week but this time I mean it. The lesson bundle this week includes SO many great materials. My kids used and loved EVERY piece of it!

This week we study in Romans 1-6. The lesson is a bit long, see the summary sheet provided to members, in your downloads. To break it up you will see little stars through out your lesson that remind you to choose a Popsicle song. Get the kids up, sing it, do actions, move your bodies then continue onto the next lesson item. This will greatly help your kiddos be on task, engaged, happy and they will also get to review some good songs.

This faith flower craft print is perfect to help children that when we keep the commandments and have faith in Christ we are blessed. You can fill the center of the flower with any items you have on hand. Dry beans, dry corn, glitter, or seeds are all great options.

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Romans 1:25 teaches us to worship and serve the creator. These “I choose the right” cards are a perfect way to apply those principles to their real life. 

In the lesson bundle there are girl and boy paper dolls! These are so perfect for kids! These dolls teach about the “newness of life” from the bible study. Each doll has a dirty set of clothes and a clean set of clothes. This represents how baptism gives us new life and washes away our sins so we are clean again. I am telling you, these were a huge hit in our home. My boys and girls enjoyed playing with these. Watch Instagram for more prep ideas. I used these velcro dots and my favorite laminator to make them durable and easy to play with. My kids hauled these dolls all over the house. It was fun to hear them play with these dolls. Most of their play was about inviting others to church or being a missionary. I love seeing them put into action what we learn during our Come Follow Me lesson.

If you don’t want to laminate your paper dolls and use velcro. We do give you some dolls with tabs so the outfits will be able to attach onto each doll as the kids dress them.

I sure enjoyed watching my children love learning about the gospel this week in our home with these materials! Here are just a few more items included in the lesson bundle this week that I didn’t mention above. Each week our lessons give you so much value! Typically there are well over a dozen digital downloads to use each week. It is more common to have close to 20 pages per week in your lesson bundle.

This week right here is FREE in our shop. We do offer the first week each month at no cost. However, if you would like a lesson every week to use in your home simply grab a monthly or yearly membership for just $5 a month or $55 per year and don’t worry about Come Follow Me lessons in your home again. 


Can you believe it is August? That means it is time to switch your monthly focus print. I LOVE this print! These prints align with the manual and are perfect to display in your home each month. Right now through July 31st we are offering everything in our shop for 50% off when you use code “sale50.” This is a perfect time to grab the monthly focus print bundle if you don’t have it yet. It is never too late! 

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