July 22-28 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, The Lord Had Called Us for to Preach the Gospel

Play dough mats, letters to missionaries, Paul and Silas story timeline, peekaboo page, scripture reading charts, missionary coloring page and darling treat tags are all happening this week! Don’t miss it!

The bible teaches us in Matthew 28:19-20 “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” The activities and bible reading this week all help children understand how the apostles did this. Maybe the most fun way is this play dough mat. Kids of all ages like play dough! Don’t believe me? Just let your ten year old participate and I promise they will happily do it. Just like this kiddo below. Another great idea is to use the map to color each continent a different color or even label each one for older children. I encourage you to make accommodations so this works for your family. You can laminate your mat or slide it into a sheet protector. See Instagram for more details!

We provided you with a cut and paste story timeline from Acts 16 about Paul and Silas in prison plus a fun peekaboo page for younger children. It is a great hands on way to get your kids involved and comprehending the reading for this week.

Enjoy using this template to write a letter to a missionary you know. Take time to talk about missionary work. I suggest singing some songs off the song list provided on the summary sheet in your lesson bundle. Share ideas of how we can be bold witnesses of Christ in our lives!

A great way to apply this to our lives is to come up with a list of friends who are non-members and invite them to primary or just take them a little treat to let them know you love them. That is missionary work in action! These little tags are the perfect touch for your visit. 

There is also a simple high five print in your materials that will let you share five ways that you can preach the gospel. We want our kids to really apply the teaching and not just listen to them.

Or course there is a cute coloring page about missionary work in your materials too. Switch it up with what mediums you use for the coloring page. You’d be amazed what simple water colors over crayons do for your kids excitement about this cute page. Remember with a membership you get all of the materials pictured on this post. These are downloadable items that can easily be printed in your home to teach your primary children these big concepts in real and engaging ways. We do sell each individual lesson in our shop as well. 

This week we also give you two colorful scripture marking charts, one for boys and one for girls. These are charts for an entire year. On page 116 of the Come Follow Me Manual it asks, “How does teaching the scriptures daily make us more noble?” This is why we added these babies in your downloads for this week! We hope your kids use them and love them! Available in our shop for purchase if you don’t have a membership. 

As a thank you (when you have a membership) we email a weekly reminder for each lesson the Tuesday before the lesson begins. This allows enough time for you to prepare your materials, read and ponder the lesson and teach it in your home in an effective way. Don’t forget that I do a LIVE on Instagram each week too and save it to IGTV where I walk you through all your materials. I want to support you all along the way with Come Follow Me FHE.



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