July 15-21 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, Revelation & Child of God

It’s a new week with the Come Follow Me curriculum. Your children will eat up this lesson! No pun intended, ha! A few of the topics covered in Acts 10-15 are revelation, we are all God’s children and can receive his blessings, and we are Christians who believe in Christ!

This week we invite every child across the world to be a missionary! Use the print in your materials, snap a picture then share on Instagram.  Let’s tell the world that we believe in Christ. Each child who shares a picture will be entered to win a $10 Chick Fil A gift card! We will be giving away three! We want to encourage your kids to be a missionary now! To share their testimony and light! Starts July 15th through the 22nd. See Instagram for more details and tell your friends!

With a membership you get all of the materials pictured on this post. These are downloadable items that can easily be printed in your home to teach your primary children these big concepts in real and engaging ways. Remember we do sell each individual lesson in our shop as well.

This week you get to  make pizza together! Each slice has a sentence on it that teaches children ways we are all different. God needs each of us to do His work. We are all an “important pizza” His plan. Use the banner and pizza plus the toppings to build a big pizza together. 

What a yummy lesson to teach our children in our home!You could also have pizza for dinner to really hit it out of the park! The take away here is God needs us all to bring to pass His work and gather Israel.

In Acts we learn that God is no respecter of persons. The coloring page this week teaches us this perfectly! It’s so important to teach our children that we they are a child of God so they can live in these latter days. It is also vital that our children know that everyone they meet is also a child of God. When they know this it truly changes how they act toward each other. It encourages more kindness and love. 

LDS coloring page

we are all children of God color page

Heavenly Father teaches each of us “line upon line” as the scriptures say. Revelation is something that comes to all of us. Often not in big booming ways but when we search, ponder and pray the Holy Ghost can speak to us. It’s a good idea to discuss with your family how you receive revelation and help them begin to realize when the Lord is speaking to them. The talk from David A. Bednar titled The Spirit of Revelation addresses this perfectly. Of course we provide you with a revelation wheel to help your children understand. Print it on card stock and fasten with a craft brad and there you go!

An exciting section of this weeks lesson is that we are all Christian! What does that mean? It means as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we believe in Christ! Let’s tell the world! We are encouraging your kids to light the world in July. Use the hashtag #lighttheworldinjuly on Instagram and tag us @comefollowmefhe or send us a picture if your account is private. At Christmas there is always a big push to preach of Christ, you can see the video from last year to get you in the spirit. Let us remember Him all year and share our testimonies boldly! There is a wonderful article in the Friend this month that supports our print and will help teach what it means. We encourage you to use our print! Get your kids involved, invite your friends, let’s light the world! The print is FREE in our shop if you want to participate but don’t have a membership. We want everyone to be included and testifying!

This week the mystery scripture story is included in your materials. It tells the story of an angel saving Peter from prison. I personally learn so much when I use these scripture stories and mark in my bible. My kids do too! They can’t wait to complete these stories and that’s the truth. Be sure to grab a cool marking pencil to make it an even better experience.

Don’t miss our weekly emails that go right to your inbox each week, when you have a membership, to ensure you don’t miss a single lesson. We are here to support you every step of the way. I will be talking all about the details of this lesson along with teaching tips July 9th, Tuesday on Instagram. You can watch there each week for more details. 

I hope you love making pizza together this week!



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