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“Behold, Thy King Cometh” Seek the Savior

There are so many meaningful messages from the lesson this week. As usual there is plenty of reading in the bible. This week Matthew 21-23, Mark 11,  Luke 19-20 and John 12 is the adult reading. I have found it best to read and study personally before the lesson comes so that I can be mindful and prayerful about what my family needs to hear. This week there is the fig tree, the rich man, Zacchaeus and the two great commandments. So much goodness to cover from the bible and so little time. That said, it always pays off when we make time to teach from the Come Follow Me manual in our home. 


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Read the verses from the manual and bible listed on your summary sheet provided to teach the two great commandments. Love God and love others as thyself. This hand drawn foldable book will help you discuss ways children can do this in an age appropriate way.


Focusing on the two great commandments is a great idea for young children as many of the commandments are too complicated for them to understand. Of course as you know a few weeks ago we focused on the ten commandments using that cute board game. I do know many of those words are challenging for kids to understand. The two great commandments though are simple enough for us all to understand and I think that is beautiful!

A big part of the lesson this week was telling the story of Zacchaeus. This was a new story for me. Jesus looked on Zacchaeus’s heart. He called Him by name. This man made a great effort to seek the Savior through the crowd. The manual shared this from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Jesus rose up in righteous anger against hypocrites like the scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducee’s-those who tried to appear righteous in order to win the praise, influence, and wealth of the world, all the while oppressing the people they should have been blessing.” We should seek the Savior daily. This nature hunt was created to help children understand how to seek our Savior in real ways. 

At dinner time each night in my home we each share a “happy” from our day. Every child of mine said they loved the lesson Mom taught. They liked searching for ways to find the Savior and adding them into their backpack. I was so pleased to hear this! You won’t want to miss this activity this week!

Each week I provide you with a full lesson plan for a main lesson during family home evening or Sunday study. At the bottom of your lesson plan are six boxes with other ideas. These are meant to be shorter activities that can be done each night during the week or added to your main lesson. Take time to read them and let the spirit speak to you about what is best to spend time on with your children. There is a lot of content in each lesson. If we are diligent we can get to most of it in a weeks time. I suggest scheduling a sacred time each week to study the Come Follow Me lessons together. 

As part of your study I give you a song list each week that aligns with the lesson. Songs are a perfect way to invite the spirit and teach children of all ages. We create one song flip chart each month so you can teach the primary songs in your home. 

If you are needing daily reminders to help keep you on top of teaching your family in your home be sure to follow us on Instagram. Each week I coach parents through the lesson, discuss the materials and explain them more in depth. It is a great opportunity to get some ideas especially if you are feeling stuck. 

Before I go I wanted to share with you this gem! It is simple but it is a great way to encourage children to actively do what was learned in the lesson. Each person can set their own goal. Then together discuss how we all can seek the Savior in our own life this week.

There are other materials not pictured here provided to all of those with a membership. When you get a membership you get access to every lesson that was created for Come Follow Me this year, 2019. Plus you get a free reading/lesson schedule when you sign up! This will help keep you on track because I know life as a parent is busy! If you grab a year membership we give you one month for FREE as a thank you!

If you have purchased our monthly focus prints to add a visual reminder in your home of what you are learning each month don’t forget to display your May print. 

I hope that your family enjoys creating memories together while you study and learn about our Savior this week.

Best to you,


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