What Lack I Yet?

As you read and ponder Matthew 19-20, Mark 10 and Luke 18 this week prayerfully consider what thoughts you  need to share with your children. Every family is different and because of the topic and focus this week I feel it especially important to consider the needs in your home. 

This week you will need to purchase Oreo cookies for an object lesson. Simple goodness right here people! As a bonus they serve as a family home evening treat too! Win, win! In your materials I give you all the details for this activity. 

Follow your summary sheet carefully for some great scriptures to read. I personally feel like the best resource for this week is The Family, A Proclamation to the World from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is clearly an inspired document! You do have a copy in your materials for teaching and reading over with your children. This document is simply from the website sited and is not our material. We wanted to provide it to you as a teaching and learning tool for your study. In our home we are even highlighting parts that stand out to us!

There is a cute wedding coloring page provided this week. This really is for all ages. Try using different mediums like paints or colored pencils to make it engaging for your children to complete. Displaying their work during the week also encourages them to participate. 

The Happy Family song is a great way to get in some movement while teaching an important principle. Use the clip art images provided, cut them out and laminate them. I love this Scotch Laminator and use it all the time. Tape a Popsicle stick to them and there you go!



If you need a hand out or just a simple way to get your children involved in the lesson, hand out these cards. Let each child take a turn reading the card they get aloud. If you teach primary send one home attached to a roll of Oreo cookies and you will have happy kids.


Each week I provide you with a full lesson plan for a main lesson during family home evening or Sunday study. At the bottom of your lesson plan are six boxes with other ideas. These are meant to be shorter activities that can be done each night during the week or added to your main lesson. I recommend you read them and try to use some of them this week to enrich your learning and study. One of the ideas in the bonus boxes this week is to teach about the plan of salvation using this poster as a tool. This will help children to understand why marriage between a man and woman is so important. 

One more item before I let you go and start planning your lesson! In our home we use this wedding set from Little Ites. My kids have enjoyed playing with it all week! It has been a big hit!  It is thick, durable, and cute as can be. Notice how the brides flowers come off and on. This set really has been a great hands on way for my kids to continue learning about the importance of marriage through daily play. Super affordable and I will be sharing a discount code on Instagram so keep your eyes peeled!

There are other materials not pictured here provided to all of those with a membership. When you get a membership you get access to every lesson that was created for Come Follow Me this year, 2019. Plus you get a free reading/lesson schedule when you sign up! This will help keep you on track because I know life as a parent is busy! If you grab a year membership we give you one month for FREE as a thank you!

This week was a memorable one for my family. I hope it is for your family too! Don’t get sick eating too many Oreo’s. 

Much love,


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