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The Son of Man Shall Come, Talents

This week is special! You have fun invitations to deliver, gifts to open and a banner to decorate your home! Be prepared to make meaningful memories and celebrate with your family all while you learn from the bible. What? Is that even possible? I thought studying the bible with young children was frustrating and dull? Well parents, not today and not with our materials!
The reading in the bible this week is Joseph Smith -Matthew 1, Matthew 25, Mark 12-13 and Luke 21. I love that we get to read out of the Joseph Smith translation that really does restore some precious truths. This print is to be displayed and said aloud as you read and discuss. I showed this video about being a missionary daily to show there are lots of ways to be a missionary without being called at age 18 or 19. Elder Uchtdorf spoke on missionary work and this would be a great addition to your lesson this week as well. 


These missionary tags are adorable! My kids loved that they look so real. I laminated mine and printed on card stock and attached with a safety pin. See the instructions in the lesson materials of how to customize your missionary tags for your family. 



We enjoyed learning about each others talents! We discussed the difference between physical and spiritual gifts and talents. We opened gifts from these cute colorful boxes which my kids LOVED! We sorted the images and read about the parable of the talents from the bible. 


Our coloring page created by the lovely Wood Coop are always a hit too! 
What a great way to teach that our Heavenly Father really does expect us to use our gifts wisely. We each have a part in spreading the gospel to all the world and certainly our spiritual and physical gifts can help us do that. 

Don’t forget to check out all our bonus ideas on your summary each week too! We have put the family talent show invites in our shop as a FREE download to anyone who would like to grab them. What a fun way to bring our talents to life!


If you are needing daily reminders to help keep you on top of teaching your family in your home be sure to follow us on Instagram. Each week I coach parents through the lesson, discuss the materials and explain them more in depth. It is a great opportunity to get some ideas especially if you are feeling stuck. 

There are other materials not pictured on the posts each week that are provided to members. When you get a membership you have access to every lesson that was created for Come Follow Me this year, 2019. Plus you get a free reading/lesson schedule when you sign up! This will help keep you on track because I know life as a parent is busy! If you grab a year membership we give you one month for FREE as a thank you!



See ya next time, 


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