Thou Art the Christ, Testimony

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Henry B. Eyring taught: “Never miss a chance to gather children together to learn of the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Such moments are so rare in comparison with the efforts of the enemy.” How true this is! I am grateful for the Come Follow Me curriculum in our home. It has strengthened us as a whole and given our home an added measure of the spirit. I love this quote so much that it is the monthly focus print for April. Don’t forget to display it in your home as a reminder of your purpose and responsibility.

This week we are continuing with the same lesson in the manual titled, Thou Art The Christ. General Conference is coming up so the manual schedules two weeks for one lesson so you can take time to learn from conference too. I took this lesson and broke it into two easy principles. This week the focus is testimony.

Enjoy studying in Matthew 16 and using the testimony light bulbs provided in your materials for a family game. Encourage each child to come up with their own ideas of how to gain a testimony. Refer to your summary sheet for more details.

Use these darling stick puppets to teach about what feeling come from the Holy Ghost and which come from Satan. This is really important for children to learn and recognize even from a young age. I know I want my children to be in tune with their feelings and be able to recognize when Satan is feeding them lies verses our Father in heaven prompting them and then just normal nerves. These stick puppets will do the trick! Perfect for your coloring activity this week too.

They are double sided and have a scripture verse on the other side referencing each emotion. You can make one family set or each child can make their very own.

My kids LOVED these! I let my older kids help make them and they felt so big. My toddler colored some and carried these around the house all day. I am sure your children will enjoy these stick puppets.

As part of your lesson you get to share your testimony with your family. Encourage them to share what they know to be true. You can use these testimony note pages too. There are four different styles so children and parents can choose which they like best. If you are keeping personal Come Follow Me binders this would be an excellent item to add to it. I talk more about this on Instagram if you are wondering what this is.

Refer to your song list for this week that is on the summary sheet. We sang “I Believe in Christ” as the closing song after our lesson and man did it bring the spirit.

Of course we have many bonus materials and six bonus ideas in your lesson for the week. Check them all out, including this cute yet inspiring coloring page. Perfect for even young children!

Also included this week is a word wheel. It goes along with the story of Christ healing a fathers son. You will need to grab some brads to make this item. Here is a link for fun colorful ones at an affordable price too!

Enjoy general conference this upcoming weekend! Don’t forget to check out my conference ideas on Instagram and snatch up the cute conference packet I created out of my shop too!

Enjoy your family time this week. I sure hope you learn a lot about the gospel and draw nearer to Christ through our lessons.

Have fun!

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