Thou Art the Christ, Priesthood

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During the next two weeks we have been given one lesson to ponder because of General Conference. For your convenience I have split the lesson into two parts, week 14A and 14B, so your family can learn these principles in a more manageable way.

This week our focus is the priesthood and priesthood keys. It is important to note that these are different things. Consider the ages of your children when you teach this doctrine. If you have young children it is best to keep things simple. If you have older children you can go into more depth. To be honest, some of this is still hard for me to understand at my age. “Priesthood keys are the authority God has given to priesthood leaders to direct, control and govern the use of His priesthood on earth. The exercise of priesthood authority is governed by those who hold its keys.” Church handbook 2: Administering the Church and on page 55 of the manual.

Consider using pictures of the priesthood keys being restored. You can find many on, just search what you want. My Mother gifted me a gospel art set, which are super old and hard to find. That is where I got these pictures.

In your summary sheet this week there are many details listed that will help you teach about the priesthood. We have created this teaching chart to help your children understand the offices of the priesthood and some of the responsibilities.

Print the cute little men, laminate them, my favorite laminator is HERE. Grab it! It will keep your materials nice to be used again and again. Then use them with tape to move across the page. It is important to note the offices are not a “moving up” of sorts. They are offices that men are called to and where they serve.

After you read the scriptures on your summary sheet and teach about the blessing that the priesthood is in our lives you get to create a linking chain. This is meant to be an action item that you can use all week with your children. They can remove one or two chains each day and complete the task written. The best part is that there is one specifically for girls on “How can I honor the priesthood?” Then one specifically for boys on “How can I prepare for the priesthood?” My kids stinking loved this!

One of the best parts about the Come Follow Me FHE lessons is that my husband can teach them. He loves that they are easy to follow, broken down for him in a way the children understand and of course have lots of goodies to use to keep the kids engaged. Plus, it allows for Dad to help and Mom to not be the one always teaching. Lots of families message me saying their teenager teaches the family night lesson with our materials. How great is that? WOW!

Of course this week these are more excellent songs to use, on your song list. A coloring page your kids will enjoy. Try to memorize the sentence on the bottom of it. They are simple enough a young child could learn the message.

Or course there are many bonus activities included on your summary sheet too. Use one each night of the week or do multiple all at once, you choose! My kids loved the one about the keys! Try it!

Don’t forget that conference is coming up. I talk all about what I do to keep my children listening and loving it! Catch it on and grab the prophets prints I use from our artist Sara in her Etsy shop.

Have a blast this week teaching in your home!


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