Be Not Afraid, loaves & fishes

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“We can’t know for certain, but perhaps Peter understood that the Son of God came not just to do wonderful things for the people but to empower people like Peter to do wonderful things too. Jesus’s invitation, after all, was Come Follow Me.” (Come Follow Me Individuals and Family Manual)

This week is full of greatness! There are two big stories to teach. First the miracle of feeding the thousands with loaves and fishes. Next, Christ walking on water and Peter coming to Him. We enjoyed family dinner of fish sticks and bread sticks (healthy right?) while we read the story aloud from the bible. Then we completed these activities as a family! We sang The Miracle together and it really brought the spirit. Find it HERE and HERE.

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We provide you with a list of simple fishy treats you can enjoy this week too! My kids loved the family home evening treat that we made. Good old jello and gummy fish!

Watch my Instagram stories for coaching and more details every single week. As an educator I provide you with many engagement strategies and tips to implement these lessons successfully.

Don’t miss out on the other cute materials for this week! They will help you teach the gospel in your home! My kids sure enjoyed them!

I hope you are inspired to use these materials and bring the spirit into your home. I have seen so much success in our own home over the past couple months. It truly has been joyful and rewarding to watch my children learn of Christ with Come Follow Me FHE.

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Have fun!

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