Who Hath Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear, Parables

The focus this week is parables. Christ taught in parables. Parables are simple stories. The stories contain profound truth about the kingdom of God.

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I created an awesome “My Book of Parables” for you to use with your children while reading each parable from the bible. My children range in ages from 9 to 2 years old and I can honestly say each and every child was engaged through all of the reading.

Hand out the books first and allow the children to color, keep their hands busy, while you read and they listen. Then have a discussion after each story and fill in the box at the bottom of each page. The question asks, “What did I learn from this parable?”

Small children can draw a picture while older children can write. Do what is age appropriate for the children you are teaching!

Make sure you use the summary sheet provided! Choose songs off the song list to sing together. These will help invite the spirit into your home. Here is a sneak peak at just one other item provided to you this week, good ground and thorn note page.

Don’t forget to watch the step by step coaching I provide each week on Instagram. You can’t beat having a teacher in your pocket!

Each week I provide you with six bonus ideas or extension activities on your summary sheet. Make sure to check them out!

This week my family LOVED opening real oysters and looking for pearls. After all the gospel of Jesus Christ is a pearl of great price! I ordered HERE on Etsy for $4 each. Watch my Instagram stories for a video of us opening them. Worth every penny!

I hope this lesson inspires you to teach about Christ in your home. It can be fun, hands on and engaging! Make sure to snap some pictures and share them with me on Instagram for a chance to be featured on Friday and win something from my Etsy Shop.

Have so much fun with our materials and the lesson this week!

Keep it up!


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