Subscription Plans

Our interactive and hands-on lessons are designed for primary age children to help strengthen testimonies of Jesus Christ, deepen understanding of scriptures, and bring families together in a positive way.

Subscribe for immediate access to the subscription that fits the needs of your family. Enjoy bringing the Gospel to life in your home.

Toddler Subscription


Give your children a strong base as they begin building their testimonies.

$5 monthly or $55 yearly

Elementary Subscription

REC. FOR AGES 5 – 12

Nurture your child's testimony as they continue to grow in Christ.

$10 monthly or $110 Yearly

Teen Subscription

REC. FOR AGES 13 – 18

Help your teen grow their testimony with these engaging lessons.

$48 Yearly

Premium Subscription

REC. FOR AGES 2 – 12

Get everything from Toddler, Elementary and Teen Subscriptions, plus so much more.

$15 monthly or $170 Yearly

Everyday Coloring Subscription

REC. FOR AGES 0 – 100

A fun monthly digital coloring subscription to brighten up your everyday life! Perfect for kids of all ages, birthday parties, holidays, teachers, homeschooling, classroom parties, PTA Mom’s, teens and even adults!

Physical Workbook Subscription

REC. FOR AGES 5 – 12

Physical Workbooks hold our Elementary Subscription printed, bound and shipped to your door. These workbooks come monthly and save tons of time for mom.

$17.00 on the 5th of each month

All subscriptions will auto renew. Feel free to cancel anytime.

We know every family is different, that’s why we offer different subscription plans! Choose the plan that works best for you and your

Our mission is to make teaching the Come Follow Me curriculum in your home joyful and purposeful. Bringing you and your family to Jesus

In an effort to help you make the gospel come to life in your home we:

  • Send an email every Tuesday with a weekly lesson plan and materials.
  • Provide a complete lesson plan each week with object lessons and
    multiple printable activities to use in your home.
  • Give additional support on Instagram including teaching tips, daily reminders to keep you on track, and a community of families who
    prioritize teaching at home.

Feel free to contact us!

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