Ongoing Workbook Subscription

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Parent-Teacher manuals are spiral bound. No perforation on workbooks.

When you sign up for the ongoing workbook subscription the bundle (which includes the Come Follow Me FHE Workbook & Activities for Kids book and the Come Follow Me FHE Parent & Teacher manual) will auto ship to you every quarter to keep you right on track with your home centered learning. These workbooks are full of quality content over 150 pages per quarter with perforated pages that can be easily taken out to manipulate, create and display gospel activities. Receive $5 off each item when you sign up for the ongoing workbook subscription.

Each order will receive 12 family friendly recipes that align with the lessons for come follow me study as a bonus! $10 value!

*Please note, if you have more than one child you will need to order additional workbooks by selecting it below.

Dates for Book of Mormon Come Follow Me FHE Study

Pre-Order Dates At the Printer

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Shipping Dates First Lesson Begins
Book of Mormon Vol. 1 Nov. 15th – Dec. 2nd Dec. 3rd – Jan. 2nd Dec. 16th – Dec. 20th Dec. 30th
Book of Mormon Vol. 2 Feb. 14th – Mar. 1st Mar. 3rd – Mar. 16th Mar. 16th– Mar. 20th Mar. 30th
Book of Mormon Vol. 3 May 18th – June 3rd June 1st  – June 15th June 15th – June 19th July 6th
Book of Mormon Vol. 4 Aug. 17th – Aug.  30th Sept. 1st – Sept. 14th Sept. 14th – Sept. 18th Sept. 28th


The Come Follow Me FHE Parent & Teacher Manual pairs with the workbook and holds clearly laid out lesson plans created by experienced teachers. Each lesson plan is a full two page spread that also includes song lists, direct QR codes to resources each week, and age appropriate daily lessons for use in your home study. It is packed full of content down to every detail including what items you may need from around the house to complete activities together. For this reason the parent & teacher manual and workbook & activities for kids MUST be sold together. For additional workbooks simply add them to your cart based on the number of additional workbooks you need for your children.

The Come Follow Me FHE Workbook & Activities for Kids is a workbook for your child that holds ALL of the items you will need each week to teach the Come Follow Me curriculum in an age appropriate way. The pages are high quality and meant to be used up and experienced each week. This is a soft bound product with full color covers and black and white pages inside to allow for children to color, paint, or decorate items as you learn together.

Our materials are geared toward primary age children and aim to teach the gospel in a real and engaging way. Each week is thoughtfully prepared by educators, strives to reach all learning styles, and encourages hands on learning and discussion based on the Come Follow Me manual from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We know that home centered learning is important and can strengthen your family when consistently taught in the home. We believe that this learning doesn’t have to be hard or boring in fact with our materials it will be simple, meaningful and fun for the whole family!

*Note: Workbook Bundle includes 1 Parent/Teacher Manual + 1 Child Workbook.

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