Christmas Service Countdown: Scratch-off Advent Poster


Light the World this Christmas Season with a new Christ-centered tradition with our unique 16X22 Scratch-off Christmas Service Advent Countdown. Encased in a rustic wooden hanging frame, this laminated poster is both durable and attractive, making it a perfect addition to your festive décor.

Shaped as a vibrant Christmas tree, this poster boasts 24 beautifully designed ornaments and one radiant star. Instead of the usual candy-filled advent calendars, our poster offers an opportunity for a daily act of service. Simply gather your family each morning, allow a child to scratch off an ornament, and discover a meaningful service challenge for the day. From lending a helping hand around the house to spreading joy to those outside, these acts are tailored to engage every family member, from toddlers to teens.

Examples of heartwarming services include:
– “Help mom with the laundry”
– “Set the table”
– “Make a new friend at school”
– “Smile at someone and wish them a Merry Christmas”
– “Help a sibling clean up their toys”

As you and your family embark on this 24-day journey, you’ll find yourselves leaning less toward the materialistic aspects of the season and more toward the joy of giving, embodying the essence of Christ-like service. On the grand finale, Christmas Day, the magic moment arrives. Scratch off the brilliant star at the tree’s zenith to reveal a depiction of our Savior, Jesus Christ, symbolizing that every act of love and service, no matter its magnitude, brings us closer to Him.

Bring the warmth of service into your homes this Christmas and let every act shine a light on the path leading to Jesus Christ.

Bonus Gift: Journey Through The Book of Mormon | Study Scratch-off Tracker 🌟

Dive deeper into your family’s spiritual journey with our exclusive freebie! Alongside the “Christmas Service Countdown”, we’re gifting you the “Journey Through The Book of Mormon | Study Scratch-off Tracker”. Designed to accompany the “Come, Follow Me” study, this tracker serves as a fun, interactive way to mark your family’s progress. Each week, as you engage in lessons, activities, and readings, scratch off to unveil a beautiful image tied to that week’s study. It’s not just a tracker, it’s a visual motivator, ensuring your family remains inspired and on track. And the best part? Once the festive season ends, this poster seamlessly fits into the wooden frame, making it a year-round family treasure.

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