May 10 – May 16 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids: That Which Is Of God Is Light

We have multiple Come Follow Me subscriptions and multiple activities in each subscription to help you find what works best for your family. Our goal is to help families come closer to Christ and we’ve worked really hard on providing more options to help achieve our goal.

Toddler Come Follow Me Activity

Help your child draw a picture of a rainbow. Discuss how rainbows appear in the sky after it rains. And rainbows help us remember the blessings that Heavenly Father gives us after the rain has cleaned the earth. Read D&C 49:12-14 and explain that baptism provides the way for us to be clean. Sing the song “When I Am Baptized” and watch the video using the QR code on your lesson page. Complete the “When I’m Baptized Mini Book” and explain that they can choose to be baptized too. End with your testimony about the importance of baptism and your baptism day.

Simplified Come Follow Me Activity

Read D&C 49:15-17. Go to the church’s temple website ( and let your children explore and learn more about temple covenants and marriage. Then color the “Eternal Marriage Coloring Page.”

Standard Come Follow Me Activities

The Standard Activities includes the Simplified activity and more!


Create a path of footprints leading to a picture of Christ. You can use the “Footsteps to Christ” included in your lesson materials, or make footprints in sand or dirt at a park. Read D&C 49:12-14. Each time your child takes a step closer to the picture of Christ have them say a way they can follow in Christ’s footsteps.


Read D&C 49:12-14 and discuss what it means to follow in Christ’s footsteps. Play the “Follow In His Footsteps Game.” Invite each person to set a goal to follow in Christ’s footsteps each day.

Premium Extras for May

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Poppin’ Good Time Singing Time Activity

May Come Follow Me activities by Come Follow Me FHE

Have I Done Any Good? Song Chart

May Come Follow Me activities by Come Follow Me FHE

Two Recipes

Merry Mail: Mother’s Day Bundle

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Enjoy this Come Follow Me Lesson!

Come Follow Me FHE Team