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Come Follow Me Lessons & Activities for Kids Lesson 20 | May 13-19 | Mosiah 11-17

In a land where the wicked ruled, one man heard God’s call to choose the right. Abinadai preached to King Noah and his priests, teaching them essential truths about Jesus Christ and His divine role as the Savior of the world. We can follow Abinadai’s example by sharing their testimonies and teaching that “redemption cometh through Christ the Lord” (Mosiah 16:15).

In our day, we can stand for what is right when we know exactly what it is we stand for. Like Abinadai, Jesus Christ will empower us to share gospel truths in what we say and how we live our lives. 

This week’s Come Follow Me activities help kids and parents alike learn from a prophet of God. Access these inspiring lessons and everything you need to make Come Follow Me a joy for your kids when you join our membership. For only $10 a month, you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of resources to strengthen your family’s spiritual foundation and growth.

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Elementary Bundle Lessons & Activities​

The elementary bundle is a treasure trove for kids aged 4-11, featuring activities that instill key principles. Let’s explore three highlights:

Titles of Jesus Christ

Scripture Study

Use the “How is Jesus Christ both the Father and the Son?” pages from the lesson to help your children understand how Jesus can have both titles. Then read in Mosiah 15:1-12 and discuss the different titles used for Christ. Help your children understand what the titles mean. Use the “Titles of Jesus Christ” match page as you read the scripture references.

Scripture Role Play

Hands-on Activity

Have fun acting out the events in Mosiah 11-17 with the Scripture Role Play. Each family member can play at least one role. Follow the script to know what to say and do. See activity page for instructions.

Be Like Abinadai

Go & Do Activity

This activity would be good to do after the Scripture Role Play found in the “Hands-on Activity” section. As a family read Mosiah 13:2-9 and 17:7-10. Talk about Abinadi’s bold testimony and his willingness to do what he was called to do. Take time to record your testimonies.

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Toddler Bundle Lessons & Activities​

For kids ages 1-4 at home and in nursery or sunbeams. The toddler bundle Includes a full lesson plan with THREE activities that align with scripture written by an early childhood educator. These include a coloring page, another printable activity, and a movement activity that helps young children understand the scriptures. Here are a couple of highlights from this week’s lesson.

Written in Your Hearts

Hands-on Activity

Abinadi taught King Noah and his priests that they needed to have the commandments “written in your hearts.” King Noah and his priests said they obeyed the commandments, but they didn’t follow and keep the commandments in real life. When a commandment is “written in our heart,” we do it because we love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Use the “Written in My Heart” slider craft to help teach this. You can print the child’s picture on white cardstock if you want this to be a little easier to slide the different pictures through, but normal paper will work too. Prepare the activity by following the instructions on the activity page. As you pull the commandment picture strip, the different commandment pictures will show over the heart and you can talk about each one and have we can always have the commandments written in our hearts.

The toddler bundle includes a lesson plan and three activities every week. Grab the toddler bundle in our subscription.

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Teen Bundle Lessons & Activities​

The Teen Bundle includes a study page with four thoughtful questions each week that align with a scripture from Come Follow Me, an applicable challenge to accept each week, and an awesome video done by a current seminary teacher that brings a topic from the study to life for teens. Plus: each week comes with a scripture print to hang on their bathroom mirror, in their locker, etc. Check out this week’s Book of Mormon-themed teen bundle now!

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