“I Will Prepare the Way before You”

Come Follow Me Lessons & Activities for Kids Lesson 5 | January 29 – February 4 | 1 Nephi 16-22

Prepare for an exciting journey as we explore another week of Come Follow Me. This week’s lesson from 1 Nephi 16-22 delves into the adventures of Lehi’s family as they struggle to find happiness amidst the trials of living in the wilderness and the valuable lessons learned through small and simple things.

Each chapter this week is full of iconic stories featuring Nehpi’s willingness to do what’s right, even when all those around him doubt what’s possible. Through fun and engaging activities, your kids will learn how to have faith like Nephi and trust in the Lord. 

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Elementary Bundle Lessons & Activities​

The elementary bundle unfolds a week of discovery for kids aged 4-11. With three thrilling activities, your children will immerse themselves in Nephi’s vision, gaining a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ’s life.

Small Rocks, Great Lessons: A Water Experiment

Go & Do Activity

Before your lesson, collect a small rock and a large bowl of water. Do the “By Small Things comes Great Things” activity provided with this week’s lesson. Then begin a discussion by reading 1 Nephi 16:29 and a quote from President Dallin H. Oaks in the lesson.

Coloring the Journey: The Liahona

Coloring Page

Read 1 Nephi 16:10 and talk about the Liahona with your family. Ask your children what kinds of things could be like the Liahona for them in their lives as they color the Liahona coloring page provided with the lesson.

Navigating Life’s Wilderness: DIY Compass Adventure

Hands-On Activity

Begin by reading 1 Nephi 16:10-16, 23-31, and 18:11-22. Talk about how the Liahona was dependent on the righteousness of Lehi’s family. Teach your children about how a modern compass works and then have fun making your own to play with. Consider going on a walk or treasure hunt to help your children understand the importance of following the direction of a compass, and how Lehi’s family needed the Liahona to guide them in the wilderness.

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Toddler Bundle Lessons & Activities​

For kids ages 1-4 at home and in nursery or sunbeams. The toddler bundle Includes a full lesson plan with THREE activities that align with scripture written by an early childhood educator. These include a coloring page, another printable activity and a movement activity that helps young children understand the scriptures. Here are a couple highlights from this week’s lesson.

Quiet Reflections: Nephi’s Broken Bow

Quiet Activity

Engage your toddlers with a quiet activity focused on Nephi’s broken bow. Utilize the lace printout provided (you will need to find some shoestring or yarn), turning storytelling into a delightful, hands-on experience

The toddler bundle includes a lesson plan and three activities every week. Grab the toddler bundle in our subscription.

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Teen Bundle Lessons & Activities​

Elevate your teen’s spiritual journey with the Teen Bundle. Engage in thoughtful questions, embrace weekly challenges, and enjoy inspiring videos tailored to resonate with teens.

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