March 7 – March 13 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids: The Lord Was with Joseph

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Toddler Come Follow Me Activity

Explain that sometimes we have dreams that have special meaning but we may not know what the meaning is. Heavenly Father helped Jesus know what the Pharaoh’s dream meant. There would be seven years that the fields would grow lots of food and then there would be seven years of famine. Pharaoh made Joseph a leader. Joseph collected food so that the people would have food during the famine. Hide the food cutouts around the house. With your child collect the food. Share your testimony that Heavenly Father will help us know what to do to help our families.

Elementary Come Follow Me Activities


Complete the Joseph’s Coat coloring page together. You can color, paint, or watercolor the page but we recommend doing a mosaic. Gather lots of different colors of construction paper, rip into small pieces and fill Joseph’s coat with many colors.


Read Genesis 41:15-36, 47-57 and act out the story by using the printable food. Scatter it around your house (hide it for added fun) for the “time of plenty.” When it’s time for the famine, only have a couple of items available. Make the prophet puppet and discuss how the prophet can warn and prepare us for things that we may face.

These are just two of the six fun, creative, and engaging activities for this week’s lesson. See your lesson plan page and materials for more activities and QR codes to videos that go along with what we are learning about this week!

Teen Lessons

Each week the Teen Lesson includes 4 discussion questions, a challenge, QR code to a video made by experienced Seminary teachers, and a scripture print to print off and display.

Premium Extras for March

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Rainbow Rush Singing Time Activity, Give Said The Little Stream Song Chart, Bible Basket Books, and the April 2022 General Conference Bundle.

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Enjoy this Come Follow Me Lesson!

Come Follow Me FHE Team 

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