Come Follow Me Activity featured by Come Follow Me FHE

February 7 – February 13 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids: To Be a Greater Follower of Righteousness

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Toddler Come Follow Me Activity

Toddler Come Follow Me Activity featured by Come Follow Me FHE

Place a small treat inside a small paper bag. Then place that paper bag inside a slightly larger bag. Repeat this again 2 more times. Promise your child that you’re going to give them a treat. Let your child open the bags until they find the treat. Teach your child about Abraham and Sarah. Explain that God promised them they would have a child. They didn’t have a child for a really long time but they continued to keep their covenants. They finally had a son when they were almost 100 years old. Bear your testimony that God always keeps his promises and will bless us if we keep our covenants, even if it takes a long time. Then color the “Abraham and Sarah coloring page.”

Simplified Come Follow Me Activity

Let your children “break the code.” Then discuss what you learn from Genesis 13:7-8

Toddler Come Follow Me Activity featured by Come Follow Me FHE

Standard Come Follow Me Activities

The Standard Activities includes the Simplified activity and more!

Toddler Come Follow Me Activity featured by Come Follow Me FHE


Read Genesis 15:1-6. Discuss how Sarah and Abraham’s posterity will be more than the stars. Gather supplies and have fun making popsicle stick stars. You will need popsicle sticks and glue. You can use markers, glitter, string, paint, sequins, and/or pompoms to decorate your star. Follow the instructions on the “Popsicle Stick Star Page.”

Toddler Come Follow Me Activity featured by Come Follow Me FHE


Ask your family what it means to be a peacemaker. Talk about what makes someone a peacemaker or a peace breaker as you complete the “Peacemaker, Peace Breaker” cut and paste activity page.

Come Follow Me Activity featured by Come Follow Me FHE

Premium Extras for February

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Heart Attack Matching Game Singing Time Activity

Come Follow Me Games featured by Come Follow Me FHE

Follow The Prophet Song Chart

Come Follow Me Song chart featured by Come Follow Me FHE

Merry Mail: Giant Valentines Day Coloring Page (18×24 inches) and Fun Valentines

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Enjoy this Come Follow Me Lesson!

Come Follow Me FHE Team 

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