September 6 – September 12 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids: Be Still And Know That I Am God

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Toddler Come Follow Me Activity

Teach your family what the word “reveal” means. You can do this by hiding a toy under a blanket without them knowing, then pick up the blanket and show the toy. Explain that Jesus has revealed many gospel truths like baptism and temple ordinances. When Jesus comes again He will reveal all things. Read D&C 101:32-34 and Article of Faith #9. Assemble the “He Shall Reveal All Things Flap Book” and read it aloud with your child. Bear your testimony about all the precious things the Lord has revealed.

Simplified Come Follow Me Activity

Use the “Where Can I Turn For Peace Finding Activity.” Put the pieces in a Hymn Book before the lesson begins. Let each person think of a time when they searched for peace. Listen to the song “Where Can I Turn For Peace?” Let the kids look in the book for the pictures. After all the images have been found discuss the phrases written on some of the cards and the meaning of the song. End with your testimony of a time when you found peace.

Standard Come Follow Me Activities

The Standard Activities includes the Simplified activity and more!

September 6 - September 12 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids: Be Still And Know That I Am God featured hy Come Follow Me FHE.


Before the lesson create a forgiveness photo booth using the “Forgiveness Photo Props.” Read Matthew 18:25. Discuss how much seven times seventy is. Let older children solve this equation. Then teach that it isn’t about the number but that we should always forgive each other. Use the “Forgiveness Scenarios” and let the children practice forgiving. Then take pictures with the photo booth.


Show your family hardened chocolate. Let children touch it and feel how hard it is. Put it in a container and show that it maintains its shape. Heat the chocolate and contrast the melted chocolate to the first one. The melted chocolate will allow you to shape it into any shape. Place the melted chocolate on wax paper and let children shape it. Watch “The Refiners Fire” video. Relate this video and the Chocolate to D&C 100:16, 101:3-5, and 101:18.

Premium Extras for September

The extra premium materials will only be available in your account during the current month, September 1st-30th.

Roll The Dice and Sing or Dare Singing Time Activities

September Come Follow Me Game featured by Come Follow Me FHE.

I Will Be Valient Song Chart

September Come Follow Me Song featured by Come Follow Me FHE.

Two Recipes

Merry Mail: General Conference Bundle

General Conference activities booklet by Come Follow Me FHE.

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Enjoy this Come Follow Me Lesson!

Come Follow Me FHE Team 

September 6 - September 12 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids: Be Still And Know That I Am God featured hy Come Follow Me FHE.
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