June 28 – July 4 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids: No Weapon That Is Formed Against You Shall Prosper

We have multiple Come Follow Me subscriptions and multiple activities in each subscription to help you find what works best for your family. Our goal is to help families come closer to Christ and we’ve worked really hard on providing more options to help achieve our goal.

Toddler Come Follow Me Activity

Ask your child what they know about your Bishop. Tell them some details like where he lives and some good qualities he has. Teach your children some of the roles of the Bishop. You can read D&C 72 ahead of time and summarize it. Play the “Pin The Tie on the Bishop” game. You can decorate the tie with markers, crayons or stickers. After playing write a thank you note on one of the ties. Find a time for your child to deliver the note to the Bishop. Consider sharing a time when the Bishop helped your family.

Simplified Come Follow Me Activity

Discuss with your family who the Bishop of your ward is. This will help your children connect what they are learning to real life. Use the “Bishop Coloring Page” and let your children make the picture look like your Bishop.

Standard Come Follow Me Activities

The Standard Activities includes the Simplified activity and more!


Watch the video of our prophet teaching the importance of the Bible and The Book of Mormon. Then read D&C 73:3. Discuss what you learn about why the Lord is asking Joseph to retranslate the Bible. Make the “Foldable Mini Scripture Books.” Let each person draw or write about stories they know in the Book of Mormon and Bible.


Read D&C 73:3. Discuss with your family what the word idle means. Ask your family why they think the Lord doesn’t want us to be idle. Discuss the answers they give. Then play the “Best Efforts Charades Game.” This will give your family ideas of what you can do to not be idle.

Premium Extras for June

The extra premium materials will only be available in your account during the current month, June 1st-30th.

Pin The Tie On Dad Singing Time Activity

Father's Day Activities featured by Com Follow Me FHE.

I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus Song Chart

Father's Day Activities featured by Com Follow Me FHE.

Two Recipes

Merry Mail: Father’s Day Bundle

Father's Day Activities featured by Come Follow Me FHE.

See your lesson summary page and materials for more activities and QR codes to videos that go along with what we are learning about this week!

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Enjoy this Come Follow Me Lesson!

Come Follow Me FHE Team 

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