3 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions featured by Come Follow Me FHE

3 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions + Free Christmas Book Calendar (it’s clickable)

At our house we feel it is very important that our Christmas is Christ centered. I used to put much more effort into the fluff that sometimes comes with December and soon realized that it just meant we didn’t focus on the reason for the season in our hearts and our home. We made a small shift to include these three Christ centered Christmas traditions in our home and it has created a more meaningful holiday for us. I am so glad we did!

3 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions Your Family Will Love:

Each day of December starting on the first we begin opening beautifully hand crafted wooden ornaments and reading a short devotional that goes with the ornament as a family.

New Traditions Craft provides a booklet with scriptures and quotes that aligns with each special ornament and we simply read it together then hang the ornament on our tree. My children anxiously await this each night! They love guessing each ornament inside the pull string bags and then finally pulling the ornament out each day. It has created meaning and magic around the Christmas story. We use our set year after year. Use “FHE15” to save 15% on your 25 Days of Christ set through October and November 2020. You will use it year after year!

3 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions featured by Come Follow Me FHE

2. Focus on Jesus Christ and the reason for the season by reading Christ centered books together.

Reading is something that happens daily at bedtime anyway so reading is a simple way to invite that peaceful Christmas spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all of those fun holiday books like Mooseltoe and Frosty the Snowman too! Over the years I have collected plenty! I am delighted to say that I have found that my children and I both enjoy these Christ centered books just as much! Something special happens when we read these books snuggled up together. We like to wrap our books up and put them under the tree for added fun!

3 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions featured by Come Follow Me FHE

This year we compiled a complete list of twenty five book titles we love during the holidays. Grab our darling clickable Christ Centered Book Calendar for free! As a PDF this lets you easily click on a book title and grab some of our favorite Christmas books for your collection this year. Don’t feel like you need to get them all, pick a handful each year and build your book stack little by little. Or grab them all, because maybe you are like me and you just can’t help yourself! I am a book lover!

3 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions featured by Come Follow Me FHE

3. Participating in Light The World as a family is a wonderful way to invite the spirit of Christ into your Christmas.

This is a movement that people all over the world participate in every December in an effort to light the world #onebyone. Light the World is put on by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The purpose is to encourage service to others, giving, charity and love during the holidays. This year I am excited to say that we created a beautiful Charity Tree for families to use in your home for Light The World. This print comes in 18×24 size and 8×10 size. This is included as part of our digital subscription and aligns with the Come Follow Me lesson that begins December 7, 2020. However, you could start it on December 1st and complete the 18 acts of charity through the month as you see fit! We also have this gorgeous tree print in our shop.

3 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions featured by Come Follow Me FHE

The best part is that this Light The World activity is completely customizable for your family. You get to choose the 18 acts of charity you’d like to do together this December, write them on each ornament, then add a gold one inch scratch off sticker over top. Each day you choose one ornament to scratch off and complete the act of charity written underneath as a family. You can choose acts of charity that work well for the ages of your kids. Children will love scratching off the sticker and the added surprise element is super fun!

You will want inch and a half stickers for the 18×24 print, the one inch stickers fit well on the 8×10 charity tree. This simple wooden frame is affordable and allows you to display prints and easily switch them out for each season.

We hope that these three Christ Centered Christmas traditions will help your family come unto Christ this season.

Happy Holidays!

Come Follow Me FHE Team 

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