March 30 - April 12 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids featured by Come Follow Me FHE

March 30 – April 12 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids: Easter, He Shall Rise…with Healing in His Wings

This Come Follow Me lesson has a different format then the others. There will be a short lesson and activity each day. There are eight activities so be sure to start on Sunday or double up one of the days to get through all of them.

Throughout the week you will be following the timeline for the last week of Christ’s life. Complete the activity for each day and then hang the image in a timeline in your home. You can use string and clothespins or masking tape.

March 30 - April 12 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids featured by Come Follow Me FHE

On Wednesday you get to learn about the 10 Virgins. You could consider buying an oil lamp and teaching around it’s light. Use the paper oil lamps to discuss how we can be prepared to meet the Lord. Use the wordstrips to help teach about the symbolism of the parable and read the quote by President Kimball.

On Friday the topic is the Trial, Crucifixion, and Burial. We love using our felt set from j.m.porium to help teach in a simple way.

On Sunday discuss the Resurrection. Read the scriptures listed in the timeline and sing songs about the Resurrection. Use the Symbols of Christ’s Resurrection Egg Set activity to review what you have learned all week.

This Come Follow Me FHE lesson covers two weeks because of General Conference. We have provided multiple bonus activities that are meaningful and fun.

Print and make the Tomb Activity. This is a great hands on activity to help children understand the Resurrection.

Make some of the Easter snacks included in your materials. Have fun celebrating Easter with your family and connecting in the kitchen!

See your summary sheet for more bonus ideas that can be used this week.

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