Scripture Story Guide for Book of Mormon 2024

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Unlock the Power of the Book of Mormon with Our All-New Scripture Story Guides for Kids!

Discover a fun and engaging resource designed to enrich your child’s understanding of the Book of Mormon while making scripture study a delightful adventure.


What’s Inside?

Our brand-new Book of Mormon edition of “Scripture Story Guides For Kids” is a treasure chest filled with 52 captivating guides, each tailored to bring to life Book of Mormon stories and principles. From “Enos Prays All Day” to “King Benjamin” and the remarkable journey of the “Anti-Nephi-Lehis,” your children will embark on an exciting voyage through the Book of Mormon. Over 260 specially designed scripture stickers accompany these guides – that’s five stickers a week to enhance the learning experience. 


The Magic of Learning Through Stickers!

Encourage your little ones to immerse themselves in the scriptures by using our semi-transparent scripture stickers. Each sticker aligns perfectly with the corresponding story guide, creating a dynamic, hands-on approach to learning. With over 260 specially designed scripture, your kids will have a blast placing these stickers and watching their scriptures come to life! 


A Treasure Chest for Young Gospel Scholars!

Our scripture story guides aren’t just about reading; they’re about teaching children how to study, mark, and internalize the powerful truths and principles of the Book of Mormon. This resource is a key that unlocks a lifelong love for scripture study and empowers kids to explore their faith from a young age.


Complementing Come, Follow Me!

Our guides are crafted to seamlessly enhance your family’s “Come, Follow Me” experience and to support and enrich your family’s journey through the Book of Mormon.

Make the Book of Mormon a vibrant and interactive part of your family’s spiritual journey with “Scripture Story Guides – For Kids.” 

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