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February 10 – February 16 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, Oh How Great the Plan of Our God!

In 2 Nephi 6-10, Jacob is reading the words of Isaiah. Study these chapters before hand to better understand the verses and to teach what the spirit prompts you to. We hear the word harken a lot in these verses. Explain that harken means listen and give some real life examples. You can also count how many times you hear harken as you read. 

Complete the activity To be learned is to be good. Put the books in the backpack as you read the verses.

Next, read 2 Nephi 9:45 and do the shake off the chains activity. Consider doing the Hokey Pokey to shake off the chains, representing the natural man. 

End the lesson singing The Wise Man and the Foolish Man. Build a tower of blocks that stand on a solid foundation and one that stands on sand (brown sugar also works really well). Pour water over the towers and watch them stand or fall.

One of the bonus ideas this week is to sing I Feel My Savior’s Love while doing the coloring page.

Another fun bonus activity is to create the hinges child craft. As you do this craft talk about lifting our heads and rejoicing in Christ. 

See your summary sheet for more details on the lesson and bonus activities as well as QR codes for some videos to watch that go along with the lesson.

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