January 2020

January 27 – February 2 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, I Will Prepare the Way before You

The scriptures to read this week are 1 Nephi 16-22. Read or summarize the scriptures with your family. Some of the main points you may want to discuss are Nephi being commanded to build a boat, Nephi is filled with the power of God and his brothers can’t touch him, they start towards the promised land, Nephi is tied up, Laman and Lemuel are mean to Nephi, there is a storm and Nephi is freed.

December 30 – January 5 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, Another Testament of Jesus Christ

This is the first lesson for our Book of Mormon study! We hope you are just as excited as we are! Begin the lesson by reading the introductory page in the Book of Mormon. A fun way to keep everyone engaged is by doing popcorn reading. This means one member of the family reads a few sentences and then calls on another family member. Answer the questionnaire as you read.