Jesus Christ Will Come to Redeem His People

Come Follow Me Lessons & Activities for Kids Lesson 25 | June 17-23 | Alma 8-12

Alma and Amulek were powerful missionaries because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Even though Christ had not been born yet, they knew He would one day come and atone for the sins of the world. Their witness came from choosing to believe in Him and experiencing His power to forgive sins.

While most of us haven’t seen Jesus Christ ourselves, we believe in Him and have our own witness of His redemptive power. By learning and living His gospel, we can stand with Alma and Amulek and bear a powerful testimony that can soften hearts and inspire faith. 
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Elementary Bundle Lessons & Activities​

The elementary bundle is a treasure trove for kids aged 4-11, featuring activities that instill key principles. Let’s explore three highlights:

Soft and Hard Hearts

Scripture Study

Study Alma 12:9-15 as a family with the “Alma and Amulek Teach How to Have a Soft Heart” mini book. Take time to discuss the differences between “soft” and “hard” hearts and what things we can do to make sure our heart is soft and brings us closer to Jesus Christ.

Rewards of Righteousness

Hands-On Activity

Read Alma 9:28, focusing on, “…for the time is at hand that all men shall reap a reward of their works, according to that which they have been…” Talk about what kind of rewards we can reap if we do good and if we do bad. Use the treasure box and “Good Works Gems” to talk about good works your family can do, and write down a few of your own. Put them in your box as a “reward” for doing good.

Having a Pure Heart

Surprise Activity

Help your children understand the differences in our hearts with the “Having a Pure Heart” object lesson. You will need a fake dollar bill and a real one. Read Alma 10:25 and talk about how Satan can have a hold on your hearts.

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Toddler Bundle Lessons & Activities​

For kids ages 1-4 at home and in nursery or sunbeams. The toddler bundle Includes a full lesson plan with THREE activities that align with scripture written by an early childhood educator. These include a coloring page, another printable activity, and a movement activity that helps young children understand the scriptures. Here are a couple of highlights from this week’s lesson.

I Can Be a Good Friend

Hands-On Activity

Prepare the “My Friendship Garden” activity by cutting out flower shapes and gathering popsicle sticks and tape. Read or summarize Alma 8:18-22 to your child, highlighting how Amulek was a good friend to Alma by offering him food and shelter. Discuss with your child how Amulek’s actions exemplified true friendship. Assist your child in taping the flowers and leaves to the popsicle sticks. Show them pictures of their friends and help them think of their friends’ names to write on the flowers. As you place each flower with a friend’s name into a jar, encourage your child to think of ways they can be a good friend to that person. Display the jar of friendship flowers in their bedroom as a reminder of their commitment to being a good friend.

The toddler bundle includes a lesson plan and three activities every week. Grab the toddler bundle in our subscription.

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Teen Bundle Lessons & Activities​

The Teen Bundle includes a study page with four thoughtful questions each week that align with a scripture from Come, Follow Me, an applicable challenge to accept each week, and an awesome video done by a current seminary teacher that brings a topic from the study to life for teens. Plus: each week comes with a scripture print to hang on their bathroom mirror, in their locker, etc. Check out this week’s Book of Mormon-themed teen bundle now!

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