4 Easy Easter Snacks for Kids

Easter weekend is right around the corner and we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite holiday snacks! These easy Easter snacks are simple, kid friendly, festive and quick to make. The last snack even reminds us of Christ this Easter season.

4 Fun & Easy Easter Snacks for Kids:

Bunny Fruit Kabobs

Bunny Fruit Kabobs are healthy and fresh with a pop of holiday fun on top! Gather three types of fruit. We recommend items that can easily be slid onto a kabob and still hold their shape like grapes, strawberries and pineapple. Other great ideas would be apple slices, fresh cherries or blackberries. Fruit that tends to fall apart are bananas and kiwi.

How to make Bunny Fruit Kabobs:

Step 1: Gather your fruit. Wash it.

Step 2: Slide the fruit in a pattern onto your kabob.

Step 3: Top with a bunny peep.

Step: 4 Enjoy!

Spring Flower Pretzels

So yummy, your kids will eat them up! Our spring flower pretzels make a great sweet snack. They can be done in minutes using the microwave and cooling in the fridge. They make a colorful spring snack!

How to make Spring Flower Pretzels:

Step 1: Gather Snyder’s “Snaps” Pretzels, white chocolate Baker’s chocolate or Giant Melts and pastel M&M’s.

Step 2: Place 12-16 pretzels on a microwave safe plate. Break apart Baker’s white chocolate into 1/8 oz squares and set them on top.

Step 3: Microwave the plate of pretzels so the chocolate will melt. Set it on defrost so the chocolate does not burn. Check every minute to see if chocolate is soft.

Step 4: Remove from the microwave and press M&M’s into the chocolate in the shape of a flower.

Step 5: Place in fridge until set.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Bunny Dessert Cups

This is a fun Easter take on the traditional pudding cup we often see done with gummy worms. This can be made with no prep! Kids can put it together! It’s a favorite for everyone!

How to make Bunny Dessert Cups:

Step 1: Get ingredients. You will need pudding (can be a Snack Pack pudding cup, box of instant pudding or our yummy homemade pudding) Oreo’s, coconut, green food coloring and bunny peeps.

Step 2: Prepare the pudding.

Step 3: Crush Oreo’s in a baggie to resemble dirt, place on top of the pudding.

Step 4: In a bowl color the coconut green then place on top of the Oreo.

Step 5: Set a bunny peep on top.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Resurrection Rolls

Every Easter we make these resurrection rolls to help us remember the real meaning of Easter, Jesus Christ. It reminds us that He is risen. You will find the full recipe attached below. You will need crescent rolls, marshmallows, cinnamon, sugar and butter. These are the perfect simple snack to bring a little extra meaning to Easter this year.

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Happy Easter!

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