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February 24 – March 1 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, A Marvelous Work and a Wonder

Second Nephi 26-30 are the scriptures to study this week. In these chapters Isaiah talks about the last days. In chapter 29 we learn that God prepared the Book of Mormon for our day. Complete the Book of Mormon coloring page as you teach about this.

In Chapter 28 we learn about how Satan seeks to destroy us. Make the CTR shields and name temptations as you throw soft puff balls at each other, using the CTR shield to block the temptations. 

You can also use the Satan seeks to deceive activity. Use the angels and devils to teach about what Christ tells our hearts and minds to do and feel compared to what Satan tries to trick us into believing. 

We have included a foldable book as a bonus activity that you can use as you read along in chapter 29.

Do the break the code activity page one night and work on memorizing the verse throughout the week as a family. 

Read in the manual on page 36 about flaxen cord. Use string or yarn to wrap around someone’s fingers or wrist. 

See your summary sheet for more details on the lesson and bonus activities.

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