January 13 – January 19 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, Come and Partake of the Fruit

The Book of Mormon is full of symbols. This week as you read 1 Nephi 8-10 stop and talk about the symbols that are mentioned. You can use the tree of life symbol page in your materials as a visual resource. If reading all three chapters is not a good option for your family you can use the audio on the Gospel Library app or summarize the story in your own words. The picture in the manual may also help with telling the story.

Use the interactive tree of life scene and people to help the children apply what they’ve learned and visualize themselves holding to the rod of iron. 

Another fun idea for this lesson is to make a simple obstacle course and blindfold one person, everyone can take a turn being blindfolded. Secretly choose one person to represent the still small voice. Their job is to talk quietly but walk beside the blindfolded person telling them what steps to take (ex. step to your right then move forward) to help them make it safely to the end of the obstacle course. The one who is blindfolded won’t know who’s voice is assigned to be the Holy Ghost. All other family members can represent the great and spacious building and try to distract or lead the course goer astray. Relate this to the tree of life story.

One of the bonus activities this week is to make fruit necklaces. Use the pear print out in your materials. You can add beads, dry pasta noodles, or fruit loops to your necklaces. Talk about the fruit of the tree of life.

Sing the song “The Iron Rod” as a family. A song chart has been provided to help you learn the song.

In your materials is an instruction page to make your own iron rod. Each member can hold to the rod as you sing the song. Talk about ways you can hold to the rod every day.

See the summary page for more bonus ideas to do with your family through out the week.

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