November 4 – November 10 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, Jesus Christ, “the Author of Eternal Salvation”

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The scriptures that will be studied this week are Hebrews chapters 1-6. This week is a little bit different. As a family (or individually) you will be building a ladder to Christ. Follow the instructions and each day complete the reading, do the activity, add the step on your ladder, discuss the topic and sing the song listed on the summary sheet that aligns with the day. This is a fun way to reach all of the important topics this week and have a lot of discussion about how to come unto Christ.

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There are a lot of great activities this week to help facilitate conversations about Christ. Use your Come Follow Me for individuals and families manual as a resource to look at pictures of Christ. You might also consider purchasing a picture a Christ for each child to keep.

On day 4 you get to discuss the Atonement. Listen to the song Gethsemane and complete the coloring page.

Day 6 is about Priesthood keys. Use real keys to unlock doors as a visual. Use the Priesthood teaching poster to talk about the different offices of the priesthood and the responsibilities they have. Use the little man figure to show how men advance in the offices of the priesthood. Follow the directions suggested in your materials.

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It’s time to change your focus print. The November focus print is pictured below. If you would like these 12 prints they are still available here in our shop.

We hope your testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ is strengthened this week!

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Come Follow Me FHE Team

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