August 26- September 1 Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids, Ye Are The Body of Christ

To finish off this summer month we have provided you with lots of hands on materials. This encourages children to keep those hands busy so that their minds can be on. In all my years of teaching I have found this to be a very effective teaching strategy. The bible study is 1 Corinthians 8-13 and there is so much to talk about in this reading! Be sure to study ahead of time so you can really know how to best teach your family.

I suggest printing the number one puzzles on colored card stock and laminating them then using velcro dots. The sacrament trays are also meant to be interactive, children can put the cups and bread on and off the trays. In order for them to do this you need to laminate them and then use velcro dots again. You may color them before laminating if you’d like. These are excellent for sacrament meeting!

Here are some real life photos of all the digital downloads you get in the lesson bundle this week, week 34. We know you will enjoy them!


On Instagram we give you extra support. I go LIVE every Tuesday morning. If you feel like you  need more information after this post just find us there. I save the LIVE to my Instagram TV so it can always be found for easy reference. Our goal is to give you tons of support with the Come Follow Me curriculum in your home.

If you have a membership this lesson bundle will be in your downloads. If you don’t have a membership grab one today! Our resource makes teaching Come Follow Me in your home one less thing for parents to worry about! Simply subscribe and get immediate access to all the lessons. Print them off and you are ready for the best family home evenings of all time! Know that we do sell individual lessons in our shop too.

We hope you enjoy all the materials in the lesson bundle this week! Sharing is caring! We would love if you share about us with your friends and family members. I know so many people are struggling with the home centered learning and any support is greatly appreciated. We do have a free membership option too. Jump on the email list and be notified when our free lesson goes out, the first week each month, and about special offers and deals too!


Thank you!

Come Follow Me FHE Team

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