He Is Risen, Resurrection

Don’t forget your gloves for this week’s lesson. You will need them, or at least one! I know what you are thinking, it’s summer! This is crazy! Well, maybe so but have you noticed our children love to learn in different unique ways? It really engages their little minds. That is why we make it possible in our lessons. We will get to the cool object lesson in a little bit. 
We know that Christ’s death was just the beginning. He rose again  and in Luke 24:5 we read He is found not “amoung the dead” but among the living. This should fill us each with hope and true purpose. This quote by Dallin H. Oaks says it so perfectly.
The scriptures to study for this lesson are Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20-21. The mystery scripture story has got to be the favorite piece for my fourth grade son. He truly eats it up and enjoys marking in his own scriptures with his really cool pencil. When I break out the magnifying glass, it’s even better!
Each chapter teaches us about Christ’s resurrection and interaction with his apostles. Use the fun story walk to learn more about Christ with the apostles. 
The coloring page of Christ this week is perfectly done to bring the spirit into your home. Did you notice each page has a simple sentence or takeaway on it that is meant for children to memorize. This will help your little darlings keep the words of God in their mind and heart all week. 


Probably the best part of this week was the object lesson with a mitten or glove. In fact, I recommend giving each family member a glove to complete the lesson with you. Simply demonstrate and teach the lesson once then hand out a glove to everyone and invite them to try it! I know you are all wondering the details about this activity, see your summary sheet for the week where I give specifics. 

Another powerful tool to use with children and even adults is music. I know many of us are no musicians or professional singers but hear me out. When you teach through song it sticks! This is because song appeals to many different types of learners. Therefore, it is effective! Just ask yourself, how many primary lessons or sharing times do you remember from your years of primary as a child? One maybe two of them that were really special right? Now ask yourself, how many songs do you remember from primary as a child? I would bet that number is much higher. For me, it’s nearly the entire Children’s Song Book. 

Enter the song flip charts that we make special for your family, one per month! Here is the chart for June, well a sneak peak of it. Use it this week and notice how it sticks in your head and your kids are singing it around the house. Promise!

Before I go I wanted to share one more gem that is in the materials provided to those with an active membership. This pop up tomb action page! My two year old loved this and so did my older kids! Mom win! I love when that happens! The good news is that it also comes in color and black and white so print what you’d like best. 


A simple reminder that the Good Better Best Challenge that is hosted by us, Come Follow Me FHE,  starts June 24th on Instagram. It is completely free to participate and will change your life! There will be so much inspiration shared, prizes given away to those who participate and some resources that you can use to implement what you learn. If you missed the exclusive inspirational “choose best” tees during our pre-order, don’t fear. They will open up again just for a limited time during our challenge starting June 24th. Read more about the challenge, make sure to watch the video, and mark your calendar. We can’t wait!



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