Not as I Will but as Thou Wilt, The Sacrament

Fathers Day is just around the corner and to thank you for being here we created this darling printable you can gift to all the super Dad’s in your life. As a Mama I always love getting this sort of thing from my kids! It is simple yet memorable! This gem is part of the membership downloads for this week. If you don’t have a membership grab one so you don’t miss out on this cuteness! Feel free to print as many copies as you’d like!
As you read and study about the events that took place in the garden of Gethsemane this week be mindful of the spirit. This is such a beautiful lesson. One we all need to hear. Display the picture in the manual and let your children observe and discuss it. What thoughts come to mind about this sacred event?

A song that I love and use with children when teaching about this topic is Gethsemane sung by a little girl, Claire. It really captures their attention and touches their hearts. 

Complete the object lesson provided in your lesson. These cute worlds help depict what was really accomplished with the atonement. I chose to dye my water red to represent the blood of Christ. 

A light bulb went on in my kids mind when they participated in this. When their hands are on their minds are on. Making it real in an age appropriate way really helps them understand this tough topic. They dirty the world with sins, use the colored water to wipe it away clean again. Perfect for my toddler on up to my fourth grader. 

How do we remember Christ each week? By taking the sacrament. It is the most important part of the week. I suggest singing some songs about the sacrament off your song list in your materials. 

Provided this week is a fun activity to complete in order to remember what we promise when we take the sacrament. These necklaces are just for kids! The words of the sacrament prayers are on them to help them understand and recognize what is being said each week and what we promise to do. In return our Father in Heaven promises something to us. 

Don’t forget to check out all our bonus ideas on your summary each week too!  Our coloring page drawn by @jenna_cannon_imagines on Instagram. This one is just a perfect reminder for this week! You will notice that our pages always have a simple sentence on them. This is meant to be repeated, memorized and learned each week. Our goal is that every item provided teaches a gospel principle. We hope your family feels it and draws nearer to Christ through every item in our lessons. 

We watched an excellent video about children talking about why we take the sacrament. It was very applicable and my kids watched every second! A perfect way to wrap up our lesson. 

Another bonus this week is this cute ABC Quiet Book for sacrament meeting. This is a great way to help improve reverence and keep thoughts on the Savior during church with your little kids. This is a separate download for members. If you want this cute book and don’t have a membership grab it in our shop. Please notice these are 4×6 prints. They slide perfectly into a simple photo album. 

If you are needing daily reminders to help keep you on top of teaching your family in your home be sure to follow us on Instagram. Each week I coach parents through the lesson, discuss the materials and explain them more in depth. It is a great opportunity to get some ideas especially if you are feeling like you don’t know where to start. This is done on Tuesday or Wednesday each week. 

Something BIG is happening this month on Instagram @comefollowmefhe! On June 24th we will be hosting a challenge to inspire women everywhere to choose best! The idea for the #goodbetterbestchallenge came from the talk from Elder Oaks year ago. It is truly inspiring!

In a world that is constantly pulling our attention toward wordly matters and negativity we wanted to host this challenge in an effort to refocus our lives.

Join us! This challenge will be three days June 24,25,26 and is free to join. During these three days we will share inspiring messages and thoughts. Each participant can consciously choose best each day. This may mean simplifying, teaching in your home, doing less, saying no to some things in order to say yes to others. Whatever that looks like for you, do it! Then if you snap a picture of yourself choosing best and tag @comefollowmefhe and my friend Monica @aboutprogress and use the hashtag #goodbetterbestchallenge you will be joining the movement. Plus you will be entered to win a prize! More details to come on Instagram as it nears.


For now we are opening up pre-orders for these inspirational tees. You can grab them from our shop NOW. Pre-orders close this Saturday, June 8th at midnight. These beautiful  shirts will arrive in time for the challenge so you can wear your tee during the event! How cool is that? Best of all, if you have a membership with us you get $2 off your tee shirt order! 

First 30 pre-orders will be gifted a beautiful print of Christ done by Alysha. A 5×7 print will come in your order as a gift! A beautiful way to refocus on what is truly best of all!

We can’t wait!


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