The Come Follow Me FHE lessons have seriously been life changing for me and my family! I’m a convert and have never really known what fhe was supposed to look like, not organized enough to do it myself! Thank you for sharing your talents with us! I got a bunch of other moms in our ward doing it as well!


Hey! I wanted to tell you thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and creativity. You are truly talented. Come Follow Me FHE is bringing love, structure, and faith into the homes and families of so many through your talents.


I am loving the Come Follow Me FHE lessons. We struggled the first few weeks to keep the kids entertained. Then a friend told us about your lessons. So easy and the kids enjoy the variety. It’s exciting waiting for the email each week and preparing. Thank you!!!


Just wanted to tell you how much I love and appreciate all your posts and the time you put into it. As a new stay at home dad I find my support base is smaller in my neighborhood and ward a little as I’m a guy. But the Come Follow Me FHE stuff has been such a help and inspiration to me and my family. Thank you!!


We taught week 2 last night and it was such a success! SOOO grateful for Come Follow Me FHE and all the work you put in to make my life eaiser!


This was our first successful FHE with the kids. What a blessing Come Follow Me FHE is for this mom trying to figure it all out!


I’m so grateful to have found Come Follow Me FHE and can’t wait to try it this week. It makes me feel so organized! Thank you!


I’ve been a subscriber for a few weeks now, and I wanted to say thank you for making these amazing FHE lessons for our use. I have 7 children and life gets pretty busy. The Come Follow Me FHE lessons have saved me so much time! Thank you for using your gifts and talents to bless and strengthen so many of God’s children.


What you are doing is so selfless and is blessing so many lives! Come Follow Me FHE is amazing and so appreciated!!

Jill K

Come Follow Me FHE is amazing!! Thank you so much for all the work you have put in! This has been a lifesaver!


Thank you so much! I appreciate all the love and the time you are putting into this for all of us mamas who are kind of clueless! 😉  Come Follow Me FHE is the best!


I am so excited about Come Follow Me FHE! I figured out a plan for my husband and I to read the scriptures each week but was seriously struggling to figure out what to do for my 8 and 2 year old!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!! I was excited about the program but now I’m EXTREMELY excited 😀


Thank you SO much for doing this! Ever since the announcement I’ve been excited but also very overwhelmed. Come Follow Me FHE is an answer to my prayers.


Thanks for this!!! I was looking over the manual, not sure where to start or what to do and then, I thought I’d see if there was an IG account for the Come Follow Me program…and there is!!! It’s better than I could have expected. Thanks for all your time and effort in putting Come Follow Me FHE together.


These Come Follow Me FHE lessons are amazing!! Thank you so so much for providing them! My kids LOVE everything we have done and they are asking me when the next lesson is


Thank you so much for these amazing lessons. I teach 1st grade and honestly it feels like all my creativity and effort goes into my kids at school. That when I come home I’m not putting in the same effort to my own kids. And with the new year and the new program I really wanted to change that around and really put more learning into my home. The Come Follow Me FHE lessons make my week so much easier. So thank you for sharing your talent and thank you to your family who are supporting you as well.


The lessons I feel like go smoother now giving the kids something to keep their hands busy while we talk about the lesson!


I have 3 kids 3 and under and the Come Follow Me FHE lessons are so achievable and keep my kids entertained! We do a small lesson on Sunday after naps, and our fhe on Wednesday since my husband has that day off. Each night we do another small activity and when we are reading our one chapter from the Book of Mormon we have the kids coloring a week related coloring page. Since implementing this program my 3 year old is always asking to have “fah-home-eening.”


Thank you for all you do. Come Follow Me FHE has made it possible for me to have fhe with my family (something I felt very overwhelmed with before). I love all the tips you give to be a better parent and have the spirit in our homes more fully! Just thank you!!


Thank you for your emails, they are a great help to my primary lessons.


I’m so so so grateful for all your hard work! THANK YOU! My kids get excited any time we do lessons and I’m already seeing huge blessings from it! Thank you!

Jill S.

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