General Conference Activity Bag Bundle for Kids | April 2024 | Shareable Bundle for Primary Use



OUR SHAREABLE BUNDLE IS MEANT TO BE EASILY DISTRIBUTED. MOST PAGES INCLUDED ARE IN BLACK AND WHITE TO MAKE IT COST EFFECTIVE TO MASS PRINT. THIS BUNDLE DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL THE ACTIVITIES THAT ARE INCLUDED IN OUR REGULAR GENERAL CONFERENCE BUNDLE FOR INDIVIDUAL USE. This is perfect for primary presidencies to hand out to each primary child, ministering sisters to deliver to families they watch over, families to share with cousins or friends, or primary teachers to give to each child in their class. WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE PRINT AND DISTRIBUTE THE COVER PAGE WITH EACH PACKET.

Our conference packet this fall is focusing on the song, “Book of Mormon Stories”  in the Children’s Songbook. You will find the activities focus on stories and lessons from The Book of Mormon. This packet is mostly black and white, meant to be easily mass-printed. You can print the colored pages in “gray scale”. This packet is perfect for Primaries to print several copies and share with the children/families in your Primary.

Activities included:
-Book of Mormon Crafts (3) (Samuel the Lamanite Bow and Arrows, Brother of Jared Glow-in-the-Dark Stones, King Benjamin Tents)
-Book of Mormon Headbands Game
-Book of Mormon Scripture Chase
-Coloring Pages (2) (Liahona, Resurrected Christ)
-Count to 2,000 Page
-General Conference “I Spy” Page
-God Prepared the Book of Mormon For Our Day Foldable Mini Book
-Nephi Lacing Cards
-Word Searches (2) (People in the Book of Mormon, Words in the Book of Mormon)
-Helaman 5:12 Lego Snack Bag Toppers
-Prophet & Apostle Prints

We are not responsible for any misprints. No exchanges or returns.