Book of Mormon Song Writing Contest

All Call for New Book of Mormon Primary Songs

Are you inspired by the teachings of the Book of Mormon and have a desire to write a primary song? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

We’re calling all songwriters (or anyone who would like to learn and try) to submit original primary songs based on scripture passages from the Book of Mormon.

This is your chance to have your testimony in music featured in front of thousands of LDS families. Your song will be professionally recorded and your sheet music professionally typeset.

Registration Deadline: March 25
Submission Deadline: June 15

Never written a song? No problem.

Whether you are an experienced songwriter, or you are just getting started, you can participate and we encourage you to try!

We’ve even teamed up with Dr. Douglas Pew of Latter-day Musiversity who is simultaneously offering a live 8-week intensive song-writing course to help anyone with the desire to write a primary song from start to finish. Although it’s not required to submit a piece of music we highly recommend it. Learn more about this course here.

Be sure to grab The 10 Commandments of Writing Powerful LDS “Warm Fuzzy” Music  which is a must have resource for anyone from song-writing beginner- to Beginners to Advanced Musicians.

Rules of Participation

1. Choose a Scripture Passage: Select a passage from Alma 36-63. Here are a few suggestions: Alma 41:10, 37:35, 37:37, 42:15, 42:31, 56:47-48. The song must be based on scripture. 

2. Registration and Pre-Approval: Your chosen verses must be pre-approved by registering before you start writing your song. Register by March 25th.

3. Originality: Your song must be your own original work.

4. Style and Suitability: The song should be written in a style suitable for children to sing at home or in primary settings.

5. Melody Range: Consider the vocal range appropriate for young children.

6. Scripture set to music: We’re not looking for a poeticized form of the scripture found in most songs, but the goal is to set the actual words of scripture to music. While repetitive phrases or word in scripture could be ommited, other phrases could be repeated. Ultimately, it should feel like the scripture is being song and not just a song inspired by the principles of the scripture.

7. Submission Deadline: Final submissions must be turned in as sheet music by June 15th. Submissions after this date will not be accepted.

8. Winning Selections: Up to three winners will be selected, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Winning songs will be featured in the Come Follow Me FHE Membership and also shared via Instagram and Email. Winners will be announced June 21st

Any questions about the songwriting contest should be directed to with the subject line “songwriting contest.”

Tips & Suggestions

Yes, you can do it! We believe in you and there is a song in your heart, here are some tips to help you succeed.

1. Grab this free resource from Latter-day Musiversity, it can help you!

2. Choose verses that resonate with you personally.

3. Spend time carefully studying songs from the current Primary Children Song book. Also look in the monthly publications of The Friend for new primary songs.

Special Workshop with Dr. Douglas Pew from Latter-day Musiversity

Excited, but need some guidance? Join Dr. Douglas Pew’s special workshop designed to assist you in composing a Book of Mormon scripture-based primary song. This 10-week experience will guide you from a blank page to a finished, testimony-filled song. Your song will be professionally typeset in Finale by Doug, ensuring it looks as professional as it sounds.

Sign up now for the workshop starting on April 1, here.

We’re excited to receive your submission!

We encourage everyone with a passion for music and the teachings of the Book of Mormon to participate in this unique opportunity. Your contribution can help bring the spirit of these sacred texts to life for children around the world.

Register by March 25th. Submissions due June 15th.

We can’t wait to hear your inspiring compositions!