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  • 1 free month Come Follow Me FHE Digital Subscription ($7 value)
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  • [1] Digital subscription for Come Follow Me weekly lessons for Primary age kids
  • [2] Printables are Black & White and Color
  • [3] Engaging for kids, created by teachers

Gold Affiliate


  • 1 year free Come Follow Me FHE subscription ($80 value) – Right from the get go.
  • Earn $8 per yearly subscription purchased with code – On our Everyday Coloring Subscription, Come Follow Me FHE Yearly Toddler, Simplified, Standard or Premium Digital Subscription purchase made by followers… $8 x20, x50, x100… $160, $400, $800… etc!
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    • $7/month!
    • Full lessons
    • Variety of activities
    • Monthly Bonus Materials
    • Singing Time Resources
    • 12 lessons available at all times

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    10 Good Things to Know About Come Follow Me FHE Subscriptions

    1. Lessons are geared toward primary age kids.
    2. Weekly materials come with a full lesson plan so it is easy to follow.
    3. Lessons include a variety of hands on materials each week including coloring pages, games, object lessons, quotes, mini books and more!
    4. Our lessons are written by experienced elementary educators and therefore effective for all learning styles. 
    5. Each lesson includes a song list that aligns with the weeks study.
    6. Our digital materials come in both color and black and white.
    7. Each week we provide you with one main lesson and five additional ideas to do throughout the week for nightly study. 
    8. Every subscriber gets 15% off anything in our shop always just for being a member!
    9. We email our subscribers every Tuesday (the Monday before the lesson officially starts) to allow parents time to prepare materials, study the reading and teach what is best for their family. 
    10. We support our community on Instagram daily @comefollowmefhe with post reminders and stories from a teacher who helps you every step of the way!

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