Welcome to our affiliate family! We are so glad to have you!

To keep things all legally legit we ask that you read the terms and agree to them below. Plus, leave us your information so we can contact you and get you paid!

Affiliates get a year digital subscription with us, $80 value. This allows you to use our materials in your home as well as market them well for us. 

Affiliates need to…

1. Share in stories for a minimum of 8 slides or 2 minutes. The slides need to include tagging @comefollowmefhe on each screen, swipe up link to www.comefollowmefhe.com if you have that option, showing our materials printed out, being used by your kids/family, or in your account under downloads on your computer. Picture slides only do not work. It is optional to do a post on your feed however it is not required. We are happy to share professional photos of some lessons if you would like for a post and would like a well-lit photo, totally your choice. Text on the screen in stories is a huge help when it comes to converting folks to sales, FYI. 

2. Be excited, honest and informative about our product. Here are some examples of things families have said about our subscription. We hope some ring true for you when you experience our lessons for yourself. Remember these are all created by elementary teachers so we know what we are doing!

“This come follow me subscription really keeps our family on track.”

“These materials help my kids look forward to gospel learning. They ask for our scripture study and family night.”

“As a busy Mom I just couldn’t do one more thing so I wasn’t doing Come Follow Me at all. When I signed up for Come Follow Me FHE’s subscription we do it every week.”

All of these came from real Mom’s! Excited and honest! No one wants to sign up for something that doesn’t solve a problem or sounds like you think it is lame.

3. We currently offer three subscriptions. 

  • Our Digital Come Follow Me Subscription which is $7 a month or $80 a year and includes a weekly lesson that aligns directly to the Come Follow Me manual with a variety of hands on materials plus tons of freebies! Great for a following of Latter Day Saints or Christians on years we study the Bible. 
    • Discount Code = 20% off the first month or one yearly subscription
    • Affiliate Pay = $4 per subscriber
  • Our Everyday Coloring Subscription which is $5 a month ($2 discount automatically offered to members with a come follow me subscription) and includes 8 fun coloring pages each month in PDF and PNG files. Perfect for creatives, birthdays, preschool, joy school, playgroups, family time, holidays, teens, homeschool life, and even adults. It includes unique pages every month and there is always one color by number.  Great for any type of following, especially parents with kids. 
    • Discount Code = 20% off the first month 
    • Affiliate Pay = $4 per subscriber 
  • An Ongoing Workbook Subscription which is only available through pre-orders two weeks each quarter. These are kid workbooks that are paired with a parent manual for the adults. The workbooks hold three months of lessons and activities printed and done for families, usually around 200 pages of content. They have a beautiful full color cover and black and white inside pages so kids can color and create as they learn about the gospel. So many families tell us the workbooks save them time and due to high ink prices, money. Families have the option to add additional workbooks if they have more than one child. Workbooks auto ship every quarter so once families sign up they don’t have to worry about it again. Please mention that prices are shipped if you share about this. See dates on our website to see if pre-orders are open when you share about our company. We do not offer affiliate pay for our workbooks due to high cost and the nature of pre-orders however if you share about us during our pre-order dates it would be delightful if you mentioned this option for those followers interested. 
    • Discount Code = None
    • Affiliate Pay = None

4. We do ask that affiliates are clear about our relationship, let’s follow the law. Don’t make it weird friends! Simply say something like, “We use and love Come Follow Me FHE and it’s really blessed us. So much so that I signed up to be an affiliate because I wanted to share with all of you, plus get you a discount.” Of course you say what feels natural to you but it needs to be stated or #affiliate. Read more about this here.

5. Communicate well with our affiliate manager, Camille. She will provide you specific discount codes for your followers. All codes will be open for one week. If you want to share about us again you will need to reach out to Camille to have your code activated again. If you have any questions you can DM her on Instagram at @comefollowmefhe or email her at comefollowmefhe@gmail.com  and she is happy to help!

Please note, you may share as often as you’d like to earn affiliate pay. We may also reach out to our affiliates again, to see if you’d be interested in sharing and earning more!

I have read and agree to the Affiliate Agreement

10 Good Things to Know About Come Follow Me FHE Subscriptions

  1. Lessons are geared toward primary age kids.
  2. Weekly materials come with a full lesson plan so it is easy to follow.
  3. Lessons include a variety of hands on materials each week including coloring pages, games, object lessons, quotes, mini books and more!
  4. Our lessons are written by experienced elementary educators and therefore effective for all learning styles. 
  5. Each lesson includes a song list that aligns with the weeks study.
  6. Our digital materials come in both color and black and white.
  7. Each week we provide you with one main lesson and five additional ideas to do throughout the week for nightly study. 
  8. Every subscriber gets 15% off anything in our shop always just for being a member!
  9. We email our subscribers every Tuesday (the Monday before the lesson officially starts) to allow parents time to prepare materials, study the reading and teach what is best for their family. 
  10. We support our community on Instagram daily @comefollowmefhe with post reminders and stories from a teacher who helps you every step of the way!

Glad to have you on our team in an effort to help families teach at home!


Come Follow Me FHE